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To speed up recovery after diagnosis, protein intake is very important. Chef Lei Yizong brought this “Double Fresh Hibiscus Bean Kernel”. Stir-fried edamame bean kernel with tofu is not only sweet and delicious, but also a variety of nutrients can help the body recover , stay away from the new crown.

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Edamame, diced pumpkin, plate tofu, diced sea bream, diced fresh shrimp, egg yolk, dried shiitake mushroom, chili, garlic, chicken bone broth, pepper, bitter tea oil, sesame oil, shiitake oyster sauce, carrot, shredded green onion.


1. Pour the bitter tea oil into the pot, add the egg yolk and stir-fry until fragrant, then add the tofu and stir-fry until the oil is absorbed by the tofu.

2. Put the edamame kernels into the pot, add an appropriate amount of broth and simmer, then sprinkle with pepper, add in diced sea bream, diced shrimp, sesame oil, dried mushrooms, vegetarian oyster sauce, and chili. Put them all in the pot and then start to stir fry Top color.

3. After the ingredients are stir-fried and dried, you can start the pot, and finally put the carrots and shredded green onions on the plate.


Lei Yizong reminded that when adding edamame to cook, don’t rush to turn it, let the edamame be fully heated, and the tissue inside will be softer; fish and shrimp should not be overcooked, so put it later; do not use vegetarian oyster sauce Put too much, otherwise the color of the dish will be too dark.

In addition, when all the ingredients are added to stir-fry, be careful not to smash the tofu too hard, and there should not be too much soup when stir-frying.

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Recipe/Double Fresh Hibiscus Beans - Supplement with high protein, take care of immunity and get rid of the sequelae of the new crown

Nutrition bonus

Chen Xinmei, a family physician at Zhongshan Hospital, said that protein can help improve immunity, and it is very important to supplement the right protein. New coronary pneumonia is related to inflammation. Some people eat a large piece of steak at a time in order to supplement protein, but red meat still has a potential risk of inflammation. It is recommended to supplement white meat (such as seafood) and plant-based protein (edamame, tofu).

In addition, some studies have pointed out that the minerals zinc and vitamin D are beneficial to fight against new coronary pneumonia. Shrimp contains zinc, and vitamin D can also be supplemented by diet besides sun exposure. For example, dried mushrooms, eggs, and milk are rich in vitamin D, which is good for improving immunity. helpful.

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“Health 2.0” reminds you

In response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the CDC has continued to strengthen epidemic monitoring and border control measures.If you have suspected symptoms, please call the 1922 hotline or 0800-001922and wear a mask as instructed to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and at the same time, take the initiative to inform the doctor of travel history and contact history to facilitate timely diagnosis and notification.

◎ Consultant / Dr. Chen Xinmei and Chef Lei Yizong

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Recipe/Double Fresh Hibiscus Beans - Supplement with high protein, take care of immunity and get rid of the sequelae of the new crown

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