Recommends people who have 2 injections of Sinovac at booking Moderna, 3 needles should inject Astra without having to wait. After not knowing when to come

President of the Royal College of Physicians Recommend that people who have 2 injections of Sinovac, who have booked BoostModerna, 3 injections, should inject Astra first, don’t have to wait. after not knowing when the reserved vaccine will be injected

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Date 29 Sep ’64 Lt. Col. Dr. Anuttra Chittinan President of the Royal College of Physicians of Thailand Post messages via facebook Anutra Chittinandana Indicates that the 3 needle booster vaccination means

Someone who received two doses of Sinovac’s vaccine and asked if they were contacted by a hospital to ask if they would get the AstraZeneca vaccine. But I have reserved and paid for the vaccine of Modena, what should I do?

In most people who have received 2 doses of Sinovac after 3 months, their immunity is so severely reduced that they are unlikely to protect against Delta strain. Including not sure how well it can prevent severe symptoms of Covid 19, so should get a booster vaccination.

which has been studied among healthcare professionals who have also been stimulated The AstraZenegawa vaccine can boost immunity. Although the stimulation with the Pfizer vaccine can’t be beaten But it’s high enough to protect against Delta strains. And there is also more recent data showing that people immunized with AstraZeneca have a slower immune response than those boosted with Pfizer.

There is no data on the immunization of Modena vaccine in people who received 2 doses of Sinovac because we do not have this vaccine for use in Thailand. But the effect is unlikely to be that different from stimulation with the Pfizer vaccine, which is also an mRNA vaccine.

The big problem is that we don’t yet know when the Modena vaccine will come. And those who have reserved do not know which lot will be injected. Information from the Ministry of Health offered Prof. still says that it will be December 64

personal opinion think People who have received 2 doses of Sinovac vaccine, if contacted, will receive 3 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine during this time. Which is probably the group that has received the 2nd vaccination for more than 3 months. Should have received the AstraZeneca vaccine. Don’t have to wait. Don’t waste money. considered to be paid as a risk management fee Because we didn’t know that the government will give us the 3rd dose vaccine faster than the vaccine that we have reserved like this.

But the decision to vaccinate AstraZeneca now. Or will you wait for the Modena vaccine that doesn’t yet know when it will come? It’s up to each person whether they can accept the risk of getting COVID-19 while waiting or not.

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