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Original title: Recording live variety shows here and playing “Interactive Screens”

Last weekend, two brand-new variety shows-Dragon TV “Where is the Magic Company” and Youku video “Struggle Bar Anchor” launched simultaneously. Don’t watch the two programs have different types, but they both chose a new way of “interaction between large and small screens”.

First of all, the big screen here refers to the screen of variety shows, and the small screen refers to the live screen on the mobile phone. “Interaction between large and small screens” means that the live broadcast signal is opened when the variety show is recorded, and live broadcast on the Internet first, so that the variety show will be paid attention to by the fans on the network before the show starts. This new model has increased the variety show more. Imagination space.

Change play

From blocking messages to using live broadcast

As “live broadcasting” increasingly penetrates into the lives of the general public, many variety shows are also using this format to expand their programs in multiple dimensions. At the beginning of 2020, some variety shows began to use “big and small screen linkage” for publicity. With the effect gradually getting better, “big and small screen interaction” has become a new variety show mode.

When a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily interviewed Xu Peng, CEO of Kunpeng Golden Wings, a leading marketing company, he bluntly said: “In the past, we did program marketing. Many program groups were afraid of the exposure of program information. We could only conduct Reuters through external marketing. As the live broadcast format has been accepted by the public, more and more variety shows choose the way of’interaction between large and small screens’ to explore the variety show mode. This is a new mode with Chinese media characteristics.”

Xu Peng analyzes the meaning behind the exploration of such a program model: “The’big and small screen interactive’ variety show is a comprehensive consideration of the multi-end broadcast of programs on large and small screens from the perspective of top-level design, which is different from the past large screen programs and small screens. The output is also different from the small-screen output after the second editing of large-screen programs. This is an active attempt by mainstream media to promote media integration reform under the guidance of the mobile-first strategy.”

How to play

“Live broadcast” everywhere after recording and broadcasting

In Dragon TV’s new variety show “Where is the Wonder Company”, which started airing last weekend, they implanted “big and small screen interaction” into the recording, broadcasting and broadcasting of the program, which can be described as “live broadcast” everywhere. Take the first recording of the program as an example. On the day the program was recorded, the program group will be broadcast live on the set. There are two types of live broadcast: one is the current “President Assistant” in the program to introduce the program process and live highlights to netizens; the second is during the recording of the program, each period of the guest will interact in the live broadcast room during the transition.

These live recorded live content will be partly displayed in the “big screen” variety show. When the show is first broadcast on Dragon TV, a QR code will appear on the TV. The audience can scan the code and share the recorded content with the program guests while watching the show. , Making the program content more rich and three-dimensional

Regarding “Where is the Magic Company”, the reporter interviewed the director of the show, Ren Jing. She bluntly said: “The variety show of “Where is the Magic Company” is a brand new experiment, precisely because we are in an era where news cannot be hidden. Only then will we choose the way of’interactive screens between large and small screens’ to attract more viewers for the program.”

Play beautiful

Media interaction makes the show better

According to reports, the idea of ​​”interaction between large and small screens” is derived from the selection of guests. In the first episode of the program, there is a natural connection between the amateur guests “Fashion Granny Group” and overseas travel, and they are also Internet celebrities on the Douyin platform. , Have a certain audience base. In addition, Ren Jing said with a smile: “The reason why “Where is the Magic Company” chose Wang Yaoqing, Xue Zhiqian, Yang Chaoyue, Qiao Shan, Yang Di, and Zhai Xiaowen as regular guests, mainly because each one is short. Video hot search body, each creative video they release will attract a large number of fans onlookers.”

Regarding the chemical effects of adding a new form of live broadcast to variety shows, Ren Jing said frankly: “Adding live broadcast elements is actually to let fans join the show together. During the fourth recording period, we let fans help select artists. This product makes small-screen fans have a sense of participation and have expectations for the program. Embedding the live QR code when the program is first broadcast, and allows large-screen viewers to have a new viewing format, and mutual diversion is the only way to win.

From the perspective of the program creation team, the media environment has changed compared to previous years. Through live broadcast, netizens can intervene in the program in advance, always pay attention to the staged progress of the program, and actively participate in interaction. Opening up large and small screens and integrating the in-depth interaction of communication can not only expand the reach of content, but also effectively highlight the role of media assistance. (Text/Reporter Wang Lei Coordinating/Liu Jianghua Man Yi)


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