Recorded the second highest power peak in history due to the rapid heat wave

Provided by: Korea Power Exchange

As the summer heat wave came quickly, the record for the second highest peak power in history was set on the 6th.

The Korea Power Exchange (Chairman Dong-hee Jeong) announced on the 6th that at 18:00 on the 6th, last year’s peak demand for electricity was renewed, and the forecast for this summer’s peak electricity demand, which was expected for the second week of August, was exceeded by one month.

The peak demand for electricity recorded that day was 91,938 MW, exceeding the 91,141 MW recorded at 18:00 on July 27 last year and the baseline forecast of 91,700 MW for this summer of 797 MW and 238 MW, respectively.

According to the Korea Power Exchange, the demand for electricity has increased due to a nationwide heatwave warning and an increase in the discomfort index, with the highest temperature in Seoul rising to 33.3℃ as hot and humid airflows continued to flow into the Korean Peninsula under the influence of the 4th typhoon ‘Air’, which recently moved north. analyzed.

In particular, as the situation is predicted to be unfavorable, such as the power reserve ratio of at least 5.4% this summer, the Korea Power Exchange said that it is working hard to provide a stable power supply.

Jeong Dong-hee, chairman of the Korea Electricity Exchange, said, “We will do our best to provide stable electricity supply so that there is no inconvenience to the people’s lives through voluntary reduction of demand by businesses while maintaining a close cooperation system with the government and power-related organizations.”

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