Home News Recruited soldiers leave home to vaccinate cross-formula vaccine. Can be injected for 24 hours. Sleep died.

Recruited soldiers leave home to vaccinate cross-formula vaccine. Can be injected for 24 hours. Sleep died.

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Recruited soldiers leave home to get cross-formula vaccination. Can be injected for 24 hours. Sleep died. Father confirms that the child is a soldier. Strong. No congenital disease. believed to have died from the vaccine

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October 27, 2021 – Mr. Chaidech Anantasiri, 54 years old, led reporters to inspect the bedroom. Mr. Khanti Anantasiri, 23 years old, the youngest son. Was a conscripted soldier at an army camp in Tak province, who died on the afternoon of October 26 after making a leave to travel to get vaccinated with AstraZeneca Needle 2 at the Nazium Gymnasium, Mueang District, province. .Ratchaburi after the injection came back to sleep at home and died.

Mr. Chaidech said that his son went to get the 2nd vaccination from 2:45 p.m. Got back to sleep at home around 10 PM. The child has a slight itching. and have a common fever like those who have been vaccinated So he took 2 pills.

In the morning, he asked the child what he would not eat. The child said he was not hungry. until afternoon Mother brought rice I still talk to my son normally. Later, relatives came to talk to the children. Ask for symptoms before going out to sell. The child still said that it was okay until around 3:45 p.m. Mother came and was shocked. After the child has a green mouth which knew that at that time the child had died But the body is still soft as usual. The chest area looks like a dark spot like a drug allergy. About 24 hours after vaccination

The father of the deceased continued to confirm that the child had no underlying disease. In the past, my son went to learn how to cut hair, play music, and is also a conscripted soldier. which before being a soldier There must be a complete physical examination to make sure there is no disease. to be a soldier I think my child died from vaccination. The child had been vaccinated with Sinovac Needle 1 and Needle 2 was injected with AstraZeneca. It is a cross injection.

“If I knew that the injection was like this will not give an injection Normally, the child doesn’t want to inject anymore. But father forced injections because he had to open a barber shop. He won’t let him open his business if he doesn’t get 2 shots of vaccination and can’t go anywhere. So I had to inject it.”

for family Now the body of the deceased has been brought to the doctor for a thorough examination to determine the cause. at Forensic Medicine, Ratchaburi Hospital Because the family has a passion for death The family believed that the cause of death was the second vaccination.

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