Recruitment fee for work as part of the World Cup: FIFA compensation | Recruitment fee for work as part of the World Cup: FIFA compensation

Doha: Pati had to pay a recruitment fee for work as part of the World Cup The International Football Association has given compensation to the dogs. Supreme Regional Organizing Committee to get money back T. This is how the companies returned Rs. 200 crores to the entrepreneurs.

Some of the companies contracted for World Cup construction activities Unauthorized recruitment fees from employers such as hotels and Purchases from 266 Kara as part of the Supreme Committee’s General Refund Program He bought back the money he had bought from the shopkeepers and businessmen. In this way, 4,90,000 workers received rebates of Rs. 200 crores. 58 hoteliers have been reimbursed, said a FIFA report coming Complaints related to the rights of female workers Kan Supreme Committee had arranged special facilities. Complaints helpline for non-disclosure of name and details This will also include line facilities. 2441 complaints were received in this way. Around 90 per cent of complaints have been resolved. The most important of the employment laws in Qatar in relation to the world cup, and it was enviable.

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