Red, boiling, chasing Pogba! Salah 3 Tung-Liverpool invaded Man Utd and made Sol tea without a shadow.

Save five fibers, Manchester United returns to a miserable form again. Plus, this time the coma was the heaviest when Liverpool attacked the area. And easy to lose the goal as a match as before, losing to an ever-defeating opponent 5-0 is a hat-trick of Mohamed Salah, plus Paul Pogba, the host’s backup, got a red card from the beginning of the second half as well. The Premier League football match, a big match on Sunday, October 24, resulted in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Red Devils coach, with the prospect of being sacked as he managed the team in seventh place, while Red Machine returns to second place, one point behind Manchester City.

Football English Premier League
Sunday 25 October 2021
Manchester United 0   –   5 Liverpool

Stadium : Old Trafford

The Red Day battle is boiling over in the Premier League on Sunday night, October 24. Manchester United have a surprise that Fred, Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes have all recovered in time with the exception of Rafa. El Varane, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is confident in 11 generals from the home game defeating Atalanta 3-2 in the Champions League, leaving Paul Pogba as a substitute while Liverpool lack Fabin. Jo, with a slight knee injury, dropped Sadio Mane and Joel Matip on the sidelines, with fit Diogo Jota starting alongside Ibrahima Konate.

The Reds won the offensive game first, but in the 4th minute, they should have conceded a goal from the beginning of the day when the game was cut by the home team. Cristiano Ronaldo smashes the ball from the left into the middle for Mason Greenwood. Slapped right out, but Bruno Fernandes made an unbelievable waste, pressed from 14 yards, no one in control, jumped out of the frame.

Red, boiling, chasing Pogba!  Salah 3 Tung-Liverpool invaded Man Utd and made Sol tea without a shadow.

And then a minute later, Liverpool successfully touched the target when the red devil’s back panel opened a large hole for Mo Salah, so he received the ball to pay into the penalty area for Naby Keita to slip through a single 12-yard line. Trying to use the save leg of David de Gea, leading the Reds to invade 1-0.

Moved in the 10th minute, Manchester United were thrilled again when Fred had already taken the ball, Marcus Rashford immediately hooked into a full shot from 30 yards, sending the ball away from the first post, not much.

However, in the 13th minute, the home team’s confused defensive game gave way for the visitors to add another score from the high ball to the left that floated in front of the penalty area, and Luke Shaw clung to Harry Maguire. Ita then meets the flow channel to the right, with Trent Alexander-Arnold slashing in front of the door again, Diogo Jota then slides into the five-yard field, taking the Red Machine away. 2-0 away from the kind that de Gea is out of defense

Red, boiling, chasing Pogba!  Salah 3 Tung-Liverpool invaded Man Utd and made Sol tea without a shadow.

Arrived in the 23rd minute after the ball was found for a long time, the Red Devils fans were thrilled when Scott McTominay passed the ball to the left for Luke Shaw to try and bounce from the edge of the penalty area. snatch the pole farther away

But three minutes later, Liverpool’s versatile star, James Milner, was unable to continue playing. Had to walk out for Curtis Jones to replace and reach the 28th minute, Greenwood got the ball from Fernandes and tried to flip the shot from the right side of the penalty area, causing Alisson to jump. brush off

The Red Devils should have been hit with a third seed in the 32nd minute from the moment Marcus Rashford spilled the ball from the middle of the field back into his own territory, so Salah followed to collect the right side of the penalty area in a single drop first. A narrow angle hit on De Gea’s chest that came out of the block.

Finally, in the 37th minute, Old Trafford was silent like a cemetery at 3 a.m. from the moment that Liverpool had several short balls, Salah jumped from the front of the penalty area and Maguire Keita followed. To collect the right and flow to the first post for the Egyptian shooting star to soar into the ball from six yards into the first post, leading the visiting team to 3-0 distance by Salah making a record as the first person to shoot in the Theater of Dreams three. Appointments are in contact as well.

Red, boiling, chasing Pogba!  Salah 3 Tung-Liverpool invaded Man Utd and made Sol tea without a shadow.

The duel arrived in the 41st minute, Shaw was named the first of the game from the stroke of Roberto Firmino, until in stoppage time Fernandes flowed the ball into the right penalty area for Ronan. Ronaldo slipped away, but Alisson jumped out quickly, so he was able to block in time and Jones followed to collect in the corner of the flag and was fouled by Ronaldo, who was outraged and overturned. In addition, the blood star of the Golden Foi kicked the ball at the opponent who fell astride the ball, so it was registered according to the regulations.

The next, in the blink of an eye, Fred received another yellow card for a dangerous high-footed play when Keita tried to head the ball. And while the extra time arrived in the 50th minute, history happened when the Red Devils were bombed by four in the first half from Firmino’s pass in front of the penalty area that opened a convenient way for Salah. Waiting on the right side in an open manner, casually plugging into the first pole, ending the first half, Liverpool therefore invaded the overwhelming 4-0 lead, causing the Red Devils disciples to boo at Sol Cha loudly as the Norwegian coach walked back in. tunnel

In the second half, Manchester United let Pogba go instead of Greenwood, but in the first minute Fernandes picked up Jones, rolling around the edge of the field to get another yellow card. And up to the 50th minute, Pogba was slow to play, being slammed into the middle of the field, causing Jordan Henderson to pay a single stroke, side-koi, for Salah to slip into the right-hand penalty area to shoot through De Gea. Led the Reds to lead 5-0 as a hat-trick of Star Mummy.

Red, boiling, chasing Pogba!  Salah 3 Tung-Liverpool invaded Man Utd and made Sol tea without a shadow.

Kicking a new ball to the 52nd minute Maguire uses a long drop from the center circle for Ronaldo to drag away Trent Alexander-Arnold from starboard into the penalty area and hit. The ball curves the net at the far post. But VAR insists Ronaldo is offside.

Moved in the 55th minute, Maguire prodded Jota’s legs and fell in front of the penalty area and got a yellow card. Plus, four minutes later, Pogba leaned on Keita’s right ankle, so he got a yellow card of the kind that is out of contention. But the referee was signaled to run out to check VAR. And switched to giving a red card to the French national team midfielder instead, while Keita was carried on a stretcher with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain playing instead.

Solskjaer corrected the situation by swapping out Fernandes and Rashford and sending Diogo Dalot and Edinson Cavani on in the 63rd minute until Alexander’s 71st minute. Arnold added to the front of the penalty area on the right, causing De Gea to exert force to flick out of the box.

Red, boiling, chasing Pogba!  Salah 3 Tung-Liverpool invaded Man Utd and made Sol tea without a shadow.

At the 77th minute, Jurgen Klopp sent Mane onto the field instead of Firmino, until the 83rd minute, Manchester United got a free kick on the right and McTominay was set to strike. Cavani entered the field for four yards. But the ball hit Andrew Robertson’s leg and floated to the crossbar.

In the 86th minute, Aaron Wan-Bissaka received another yellow card for fouling Jota in the middle of the field. The end of the game, the Red Devils lost to the Reds. Karang looked unfamiliar 5-0 and should make Sol Cha close to being completely discharged. Then by the next game, Manchester United have a queue to visit Spurs in the league game before having to fly to the horseshoe with Atalanta in the Champions League group stage game, followed by the opening nest with Manchester City.

List of players on the field

Manchester United (4-2-3-1) : David de Gea – Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Victor Lindelof, Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw – Fred, Scott Mack Tominay – Bruno Fernandes (Edinson Cavani, 63), Mason Greenwood (Paul Pogba, 46), Marcus Rashford ( Diogo Dalot (63) – Cristiano Ronaldo

Liverpool (4-3-3)  : Alisson – Trent Alexander-Arnold, Ibrahima Konate, Virgil van Dijk, Andrew Robertson – Jordan Hende Orson, James Milner (Curtis Jones, 26′), Naby Keita (Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, 64) – Diogo Jota, Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino (Sadio Mane 77)

referee : Anthony Taylor

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