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“Red Boiling” mission to kill the top four dreams! Drill five points before the game, Manchester United against Liverpool.

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In the end, the “Red Boiling” battle was held again after postponed at the beginning of May. Due to the chaos of Manchester United fans by this match, Ole Gunnar Solcha is preparing to take on the opponents of the league ever.

Previously, “Auntie” was heavily criticized for organizing a substitute football in the game against Leicester City, which makes the top four teams less satisfied, but for Jürgen Klopp admits that he understands what Solcha Made because of this tight program. If sending the best set of players onto the field This work, the body is completely destroyed.

However, in this match, Solcha is ready to welcome Liverpool, not just an honor for his eternal rivals. But want to quench the dream of “Reds” to win the top four as well Of course, the followers of “Red Army” would be extremely pleased to see the football fans “Reds” must be sad that the Rakshad team went to play the Champions League game !!

1. Support is still a problem.

As you know, one of Liverpool’s biggest problems is that the players are seriously injured, especially at center-back, neither of them Fergil van Dyk, Joe Gomez and Joel Matip have to. Running Fabinho with young players Nathaniel Phillips and Reese Williams.

During the past January Utsah has invested in grabbing Ben Davis, but has never been seen in the field, most of his time in the hospital to heal his injuries, while Osancabac is doing a good job, but it breaks. More injured

Found like this, Klopp would need to call Fabinho back to center-back again. But the point is who his partner will be between Phillips and Williams, both of whom have not had much experience in the “Red Boil” game.

Phillips, who are doing well with Kabak, may have been Klopp’s first choice, as Williams’ case looks like the player was haunted by Marcus Rashf. Ford burns engines in the FA Cup game.

Of course, in terms of speed, both Phillips and Williams are inferior to Manchester United’s offensive line, but when it comes to certainty, Phillips has better taxes and this will make it. German footballer. Trust him to take control of this important match.

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Yet, if Klopp wanted Fabinho to strengthen his midfield strength, the Kop followers would be thrilled to see Phillips and Williams stand as their partners. Center Back Fight football players faster than the hell of “Red Devils” !!

2. Old Trafford of Klopp’s slang

Disciples “The Kop” have been immersed in Klopp’s greatness ever since he took over the reins of “Reds” and, of course, the Dotsch’s blood. Has created many good works of quality Including the great champions like the UEFA Champions League and Premier League to decorate a showcase at Anfield.

However, one of the things that remains a blemish in Klopp’s performance is that he often has a hard time leading the “Reds” to Old Trafford and “The Reds”. Often times coming here, his team doesn’t perform well. For example, in a draw in the 2018/2019 season, it was one of the most corrupt games. To win the league with Manchester City.

The shocking truth is that Klopp is still looking forward to victory in the first match of the away visit. “Theater of dreams” because throughout 6 matches that travel to face the enemy forever Klopp and Co., spell that you can’t win by dividing 4 draws and losing 2 matches

The latest game in which both teams duel on the grass at Old Trafford was a match where Manchester United beat Liverpool 3-2 to knock the visitors out of the 4 FA Cup. Coming here is an important mission for Klopp to unlock this bondage.

However, Liverpool have never lost a single match against Manchester United in all competitions since they met during 2014-2016, with the most recent match known as “Reds” lost. Red Devils “in the oldest football cup in the world

3. “Red Devils” are terrifying in every position.

At this time, I must say that all “Red Devils” players are dangerous in every position. Not leave even in the back benches Because they are full of excitement in order to be able to fight the opponent forever to put out the sun, leaving no condition for the “Red Boiling” game, the last match of this season.

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Ago, “Reds” suppressed Manchester United for many seasons. Especially when the last season They put heavy on the “Red Devils” at Anfield. And that was one of the games that sent Liverpool to the first Premier League trophy in three decades.

This season, however, the situation has changed. It’s very strong and dangerous now. More importantly, their fighters’ hearts were really tough. Because there are many games in which “Red Devils” have a secondary score But can turn around and win

On top of that, the squad’s power at this time must be said to be packed with players in their top form. Ranging from the panel back four despite this lack Harry Maguire but Erik Bai Yi, Victory Marlins de Lovecraft or ARG cells Antoine Sebastien Dube was able to replace it. While goalkeeper Dean Henderson is also in a sticky phase.

For full-back, left-right, Luke Shaw and Aaron Wan-Bissaka are outstanding both offensive and defensive. As for the midfield panel, Man Utd said it was against Liverpool because Fred, Scott McTominay, Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernand did a great job. In contrast to the center of the away team, who are now playing in a low-key manner, cannot be sure.

As the front line just saw the names Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood said the “Reds” defensive game would have been cold and hot because they had speed. And sharpness, plus Edinson Cavani, whether it is a true fit or a substitute, can make a difference.

4. Who will the Center Man U couple be?

The good news is bad news for Liverpool and Manchester United, it is inevitable that they did not Harry Maguire center back team captain. Injured ankle Resulting in the need to rehabilitate the body

Of course, this is a problem Solcha has to solve, because at this time the reliable center-backs are Erik Baiyee, Victor Lindelöf and Axel Tuansebae. Auntie “will choose Lindelöf as the main defender in the center.

Therefore, there is a possibility that the “Red Wars” battle at the “Theater of Dreams” Manchester United fans may be able to see Lindelove with Bai Yi, but not always because of their form. Bai Yi against Axel Duansebe in their defeat against Leicester City were also quite impressive.

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However, no matter who Solcha catches anyone to play as center-back. I must say that they are strong. Because they’re full of confidence And dealing with the “Reds” offensive line that is not as dangerous as before Likely not to be of heavy use for them.

5. Prepare hard to quench the dream of “Red Swan”

Despite being heavily criticized for organizing a reserve team into the field in the opening game “Theater of Dreams” lost to Leicester City on Tuesday. But many people can understand that Solcha has to do this because they have a big game, which is against Liverpool on Thursday.

For this match, it may not be meaningful for Manchester United in the rankings. Because they should end up in the runner-up position Plus the points available at this time are definitely guaranteed top four positions.

Nonetheless, the word battle of prestige at a rival club with a long history and success is something that “Auntie” understands very well. And of course he prepared the first players to welcome the team of manager Jürgen Klopp.

What is likely to be an incentive for Manchester United players is that if they win Liverpool, in addition to satisfying the “Red Army” followers, it will almost certainly end their dreams of making the top rankings. Top four For the quota to go to the UEFA Champions League battle of “Reds” as well.

However, Liverpool are not without the slightest motivation, at least their invasion to win Manchester United in the final turn of the season will be encouraging. It is also a gift for football fans. Because even though it was a disappointing season, the outbreak of Man Utd is considered to be a very good nourishment.

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