Red Bull F1 “DRS trouble does not occur at Monaco speed”[F1-Gate .com]

Red Bull Racing did not anticipate DRS (drag reduction system) issues at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, and Chief Engineer Paul Monahan was able to open the flaps in one DRS zone on the Monte Carlo city course. Revealed that it was only 160km / h.

Max Verstappen won in the previous round in Spain, but it wasn’t without problems.

Max Verstappen’s frustration boiled as he got stuck because the DRS didn’t open intermittently when he tried to overtake George Russell. He was furious, “Can’t even DRS work?”

After winning the race, Max Verstappen was very calm, but Red Bull Racing emphasized the need to solve the reliability problem.

Only Max Verstappen had a lightweight version of the DRS. It’s not clear if it’s installed in Monaco, but so far no glitches have occurred.

Paul Monaghan, chief engineer at Red Bull Racing, said he believes the problem will not recur in the race on Sunday.

“Honestly, the problem with our DRS was self-harm,” said Paul Monaghan.

“Now we have learned a rather painful lesson.”

“At this point, it’s perfectly fine, but I think it’s stupid to rely on glory.”

“We know we’re wrong. It was our mission to fix it. So far it’s okay.”

“Baku presents a slightly different problem. Here (Monaco) the speed to open is 160km / h. In Baku it’s 300km / h, so we decided to lift against its own aerodynamic load rather than the weight of the flap. Become”

“I’m happy and working here. There was a sigh of relief.”

Max Verstappen will start the Monaco Grand Prix on the 4th grid. Sergio Perez crashed and lost his last shot in pole position. Perez is on the third grid after Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Ferrari.

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