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Red Bull F1 Leaders “FIA rubbed system deficiencies on drivers”[F1-Gate .com]

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Red Bull F1 Motorsports Advisor Helmut Marko has accused the FIA ​​of being warned by Steward in a “Rogue” statement by team representative Christian Horner at the F1 Qatar Grand Prix.

Christian Horner’s anger came after Max Verstappen was penalized with a grid demotion shortly before the final. Verstappen was punished for not respecting Double Yellow at the crucial moment of qualifying Q3.

“At least I didn’t curse the radio or criticize anyone by name,” Christian Horner said, pointing his anger at rival Mercedes’ F1 team representative Toto Wolff.

Helmut Marko defends Christian Horner’s anger.

“The anger is that one car wasn’t presented with the yellow flag, the next was presented, and the third was double-presented,” Helmut Marko said.

“Anyway, it’s a contradiction.”

It was a big decision as the world championship battle intensified. Max Verstappen is demoted from the 2nd grid to the 7th grid. Even so, he managed to recover to the podium in 2nd place and scored 1 point on the fastest lap.

“If Max had started second, it would have been even closer,” agrees Helmut Marko.

“Logically, he lost time early on and had to overuse his tires.”

Christian Horner apologizes for his remarks about Steward.

“He personally apologized to the person who presented the Yellow Grag,” said F1 race director Michael Masi.

“In honor of Christians, he also volunteered to attend the Steward Workshop in 2022.”

“From my point of view, I protect all volunteers on every track, everywhere in the world, because such comments about them are unacceptable.”

Max Verstappen’s advantage over Lewis Hamilton dropped to just eight points in the remaining two races.

When asked about the penalty, Max Verstappen said, “I’ve never received a gift from Steward, so it’s okay. No surprises.”

However, Helmut Marko moved his frustration from the steward in question to the FIA ​​as an organization.

“It’s ridiculous,” Helmut Marko told Sport1.

“The FIA ​​has been unable to set up a decent marshalling system and is trying to hide its incompetence by holding the driver accountable.”

“In the digital age, drivers were all on the display, and nothing was on the display, and suddenly an inexperienced person was waving the flag.”

“After that, I got a message from Mashi that there was no problem. At the same time, I saw the green light and thought it was for me.”

“It was an unfortunate situation anyway. In my opinion, none of the drivers should have been punished.”

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