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Red Bull F1 representative “Reaction was delayed due to Verstappen’s pit stop” / F1 Spain GP final[F1-Gate.com]

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Red Bull F1 team representative Christian Horner took a long time at Max Verstappen’s first pit stop at the F1 Spanish Grand Prix because he wasn’t ready because he came in at Verstappen’s own discretion. I explained that.

Starting from the 2nd grid, Max Verstappen overtook Lewis Hamilton on Turn 1 to lead the 1st stint. He made a pit stop on lap 25, but the Red Bull crew had no tires ready and had a slow stop of 4.5 seconds.

Max Verstappen’s radio didn’t become an international video, but Christian Horner was convinced that the pit-in decision was the driver’s own.

“He came in at his own discretion. We didn’t expect him to come in. That’s why the pits weren’t ready,” explained Christian Horner.

“I think the staff did a tremendous job and recovered very quickly. We lost a bit of time, but we were able to maintain our track position and I think we were able to recover very well there.”

Mercedes F1 employs a two-stop strategy that allows Lewis Hamilton to overtake Max Verstappen late in the race. And finally, he overtook Red Bull.

Christian Horner feels that given Lewis Hamilton’s pace advantage, there was little Red Bull could do to avoid letting Mercedes beat him.

“We seized the opportunity at the start. It was a great move by Max and a full commitment, but the fact that we can follow very closely with Lewis very early in the stint without killing the tires. It seemed that they had a faster machine than us anyway today, “commented Christian Horner.

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“We were able to maintain the track position until the first stop, and they approached behind us pretty quickly. At that point you said,’Okay, the pre-race prediction will be one stop. But I think Lewis got a virtual free stop because the field behind them opened so fast. “

“They made that choice on lap 42.’Okay, we couldn’t do it in the first 40 laps, so I don’t think we’ll be overtaken on the track. We pulled the two-stop trigger.'” Thought”

“Of course, if we covered it on the next lap at that point, we would have given up on the track position. Today they had a faster machine than us. All we can do is stick to it and be decent. It was all about keeping a good pace, but Lewis’s pace today was too fast. “

Given that Max Verstappen was complaining about tire life, when asked if Red Bull couldn’t make a second pit stop before Mercedes, Christian Horner said, “Maybe. But it would be a pretty bold decision to pit in from the lead on lap 42 when it was predicted that the tires would reach the end of the race. “

“It wouldn’t have been the fastest way to the end of the race. Track position is important here. At that point I was able to maintain track position against Lewis, and a medium set available to them. There was, but we had a set of software. The software didn’t have the range to run the medium. “

“I think what we did was realistic. Today they had a fast machine with slightly lower drag.”

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“Last year, Mercedes was far ahead of us and we need to take this weekend’s positive point as being able to push Mercedes so close on this powerful circuit for them. We need to bring positive points to the next race in Monaco. ”

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