Red Bull F1 representative “The aim is to win all six races, which is very demanding”[]

Red Bull F1 team principal Christian Horner says winning all six races in 2022 is a “very high call”, but he will not be racing defensively to ensure the season ends. n saying that he will aim to win everything without doing anything.

Championship leader Max Verstappen has won 11 times this season and could match Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel’s record of 13 wins in one season.

In the hands of Max Erstappen, the Red Bull RB18 is effectively in a league of its own, leaving Ferrari to challenge in the final only when the circumstances are right.

Red Bull Racing’s dominance over the last few races has been so impressive that Lewis Hamilton admits he is “almost unbeatable”.

“We have to be realistic that Red Bull are almost unbeatable,” said Lewis Hamilton after the recent Italian Grand Prix, which saw Max Verstappen take his 31st career F1 victory.

“It takes a lot of effort to beat that car. In terms of performance, they are completely ahead of everyone else.”

Max Verstappen currently leads Charles Leclerc by 116 points and could win the drivers’ championship at the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix with a maximum of 138 points remaining after the race.

If Max Verstappen wins in Singapore, Charles Leclerc will need at least three points to keep the title alive in Japan. Sergio Perez and George Russell can also mathematically delay the celebration.

Red Bull Racing F1 team principal Christian Horner says the team’s approach is to take an aggressive style and try to win every race.

“Winning all six of the remaining races is a very big ask and there are some big variations on the circuit,” said Horner.

“Singapore is[o’i gymharu â Monza]is a completely different challenge because the ring road has the most corners and is an uneven street track.”

“We are in a great position in the championship, but we will attack every race and do the best we can. The points will be handled naturally.”

“But as you know, we were fast at Spa, Zandvoort, Monza and even Budapest, so the car performs very well on different circuits.”

Christian Horner believes that Max Verstappen will need an almost perfect performance from his team to close the championship in Singapore at the earliest.

Max Verstappen is on a five game winning streak and says with the championship around the corner, he has only enjoyed such an advantage in racing in karting.

“My last year in karting was like that, but in terms of feeling it was very different,” said Verstappen.

“At that point, the target is Formula 1. Of course I enjoy what I have achieved, but I think there is still a long way to go to get there.”

“So the wave of excitement and what I feel is a little different. But my last year in karting was fantastic.”

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