Red Bull F1 Representative “The problem is not the technical rules but the concept of Mercedes”[F1-Gate .com]


Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing’s F1 team representative, criticized Toto Wolff’s “pathetic” accusations in the bouncing controversy because the Mercedes F1 problem was due to misreading the F1 regulations.

Toto Wolff reportedly fought fierce discussions with Christian Horner and Ferrari’s F1 team representative Mattia Binotto at a team principal meeting on Saturday at the Canadian Grand Prix on the theme of car bouncing. Has been done.

It was a move by the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) to help the bouncing suffering of a new generation F1 car that was reborn as a ground effect car by issuing a new technical directive on the eve of the Canadian Grand Prix weekend.

After qualifying in Montreal, Toto Wolff accused Mercedes F1 rivals of playing “political games” with “dishonestness” and added that he had been guilty of “skillful manipulation in the background.”

However, Christian Horner reiterated his position that other teams should not be punished for the failure of Mercedes F1 to overcome the bouncing problem.

“Clearly Ferrari has taken that position on the technical directive, and Toto is campaigning for a change in regulation, which is a bit ironic as his car didn’t bounce too much and looked very fast today. “Christian Horner said after the race on Sunday.

“And I think it was clearly pointed out that his problem was probably not everyone’s problem, but within.”

Asked if he was in a meeting with a Netflix camera, Christian Horner said, “I think there was a theatrical element at that meeting. With the introduction of Lewis’s new film, he may be playing that role. No. “

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Christian Horner also argues that his Red Bull Racing Sergio Perez was one of the F1 drivers who raised concerns about the potential long-term health effects of F1 regulation. I rejected it.

“The problem with Mercedes is more serious than any other car, or it was certainly before Canada,” said Christian Horner.

“It certainly depends on the team. It’s under the control of the team.”

“It doesn’t affect others. I know they say other drivers are complaining. Our drivers have never complained about porpoising. “

“I’m sure we haven’t had any bouncing issues. The problem is that they’re running the car very stiff. I think the problem isn’t regulation, it’s their concept.”

Christian Horner believes that the F1 team will eventually control the bounce problem over time and will not require FIA ​​intervention.

Therefore, Christian Horner argued that the FIA’s governing body, the FIA, is within the scope of its right to simply disqualify cars that are considered dangerous and risky to other competitors.

“The team has the best engineering talent in the world,” said Christian Horner.

“Things will converge”

“Even if the regulations remain the same, we won’t be sitting here next year to discuss bouncing. These cars are still relatively new and as the team adds development to the cars, these issues You’ll see some start dealing with it. “

“You can’t suddenly change the technical rules in the middle of the season. If the car is dangerous, the team shouldn’t run it. There is an option.”

“Or the FIA ​​is always free to use the Black Grag if an individual car feels dangerous.”

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Meanwhile, Mattia Binotto clarified Ferrari’s stance on the issue, revealing that the team did not consider the technical directives “applicable” to the FIA.

“For us, that technical directive does not apply,” said Mattia Binotto.

“And that’s what we mentioned the FIA.”

“The technical directives are there to clarify regulations or to deal with policing. They do not change regulations. It is a governance issue.”

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