Red Bull F1 Representative “There is no discussion with Honda about the 2026 engine”[F1-Gate .com]

Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing’s F1 team representative, said there was “no debate” within Red Bull about the possibility of Honda returning to F1 in 2026.

As more and more collaborations with Porsche, who may enter F1 in 2026, appear in the last few weeks, rumors have begun to emerge that Honda may reconsider its end-2021 decision to withdraw from F1. ..

Red Bull Racing still uses Honda’s F1 engine, even though Honda is supporting the operation and development of F1 power units. It has the Red Bull Powertrains label.

“With the opening of the Red Bull Powertrains building earlier this week, we should be able to produce truly competitive engines from 2026,” Christian Horner told Silverstone.

Christian Horner explained that Red Bull and Honda will maintain an “engineering partnership” until the end of 2025, after which a whole new F1 engine regulation will be enforced.

“Of course, there is a debate that Porsche and Audi are considering entering the sport. I think it’s really exciting that F1 wants to get such a brand in,” said Christian Horner. Said.

“But it depends on many other aspects, such as what the regulation will be and how the newcomer will be treated.”

When asked if he had heard that Honda was officially thinking of returning to F1 in 2026, Christian Horner said, “In fact, that’s asking them.”

“I’m sure there is no discussion with us about that.”

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