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Red Bull F1 “The important thing in the title battle is the tires, not the wings”[F1-Gate.com]

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Helmut Marko, Red Bull F1 Motorsports Advisor, believes tires are more important than the controversial wings in the title battle with Mercedes F1.

The “flexible” debate over the front and rear wings has become a hot topic in F1 in the proposal that the F1 team is pushing the boundaries of technical rules. Red Bull Honda’s rear wing and Mercedes’ front wing are believed to have gained aerodynamic advantage due to their flexibility.

The FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) has decided to strengthen the rigidity test of the rear wing from June 15th. Red Bull Honda acknowledges that the car needs to be changed.

The new test will be effective from the F1 French Grand Prix, but will not be applied in the next F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, and Lewis Hamilton still uses the rear wing, which says it is worth 0.6 seconds in Baku with a long straight it can.

However, after Max Verstappen’s victory at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, Helmut Marko has had a major impact on maximizing tire use as Red Bull Honda intensifies the race for the title of Mercedes in both championships. By comparison, I think the wing is just a side issue.

“The advantage of the rear wing will not be decisive in the title battle,” Helmut Marko said. motorsport-total.comTold to.
“The tires, and putting them in the right window, will be decisive. On straights, you can get higher top speeds by adjusting the wings differently.”

Helmut Marko also reiterates that if Mercedes protests the rear wing at the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Red Bull Honda doesn’t have to worry.

“Our machine, like many other machines, has been tested and regulated by the FIA,” said Helmut Marko.

“In 2012 and 2013, we needed to improve the front wing a couple of times.”

“The rules will be strengthened at the French Grand Prix, but until then we are running on a legitimate machine. After that, we need to apply a strengthening attachment to the rear wing.”

“If Mercedes wants to focus on our wings, it’s their right. Our focus is on our own team and world title.”

“We are focused on the car and want to win the title. We know that there is a very strong competitor, Mercedes, and now Ferrari is joining it. Monaco is a one-time only. I don’t think it was an outlier, but the tires will play a role on slow circuits and other tracks with slow corners. ”

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