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Red Bull Honda F1: Verstappen’s distorted mechanics commanding Perez’s pit stop[F1-Gate .com]

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Former F1 driver said that the strategy of promptly deciding to pit Sergio Perez at the command of Max Verstappen at the F1 US Grand Prix reflects the “slightly distorted dynamics” among Red Bull Honda drivers. Jorian Palmer explains.

Max Verstappen lost the lead to Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap of the F1 US Grand Prix, but made an early pit stop and finally succeeded in undercutting to regain the lead.

However, shortly after switching from medium to hard and returning to the track, Max Verstappen suggested that Sergio Perez be put in the pits of Red Bull Honda’s pit wall to trigger Lewis Hamilton’s pit stop. Red Bull Honda followed suit and prevented Hamilton from staying out.

Jolyon Palmer was puzzled by Max Verstappen’s interaction with the team, but on the other hand he raced.
He said he was surprised at Verstappen’s ability to read carefully and make the right decisions in the middle of the moment.

“I’ve rarely heard of drivers trying to direct their teammates’ strategy in the race, but Red Bull put Perez in the pits and Hamilton was forced to cover him,” said Jolyon Palmer. Wrote in a column on Formula1.com.

“Red Bull is purely aiming for the drivers’ title and knows to sacrifice Perez from time to time. Even at an early stage like Silverstone, he won the fastest lap and Hamilton scored additional points. I removed Perez from the point just to prevent him from doing it. “

“It’s a bit of a distorted mechanics for lead drivers to start proposing such things on team radio, but it shows how they’re now focusing solely on Verstappen.”

“He behaves like an experienced driver who reads the race and makes the right decisions, even in these high-pusher scenarios like he was here before.”

“We’re pulling the whole team in the same direction, including our teammates, as evidenced by Perez’s failure to offer Verstappen a fight after Turn 1 of the opening lap.”

The Red Bull Honda RB16B had an edge over the Mercedes W12 at the Circuit of the Americas, but it still needed a perfect run to beat Lewis Hamilton.

Jolyon Palmer believes it was an important moment ahead of Max Verstappen’s victory, perhaps the F1 Mexican Grand Prix, which is in favor of Red Bull Honda.

“It may have been a race that Hamilton couldn’t win this time because Red Bull was a faster car, but Hamilton was driving Mercedes as usual, so Red Bull’s perfection to stop him. I needed a race that was run on, and that’s what they offered, “said Jolyon Palmer.

“After Hamilton undercuts on the first stop, Red Bull took the race from Mercedes’ hand by taking the initiative on the second stop and pitting early.”

“Although it was still very close, Verstappen’s management of the race was excellent and he had enough tires left so Hamilton couldn’t get close enough to launch a proper attack. “

“I thought Austin might be in favor of Mercedes, especially given Hamilton’s previous form on the circuit and Mercedes’ strong pace after the summer vacation.”

“But even if Hamilton was driving at its best, the fact that Red Bull was able to win would give them a big boost towards the circuit they’re always good at.”

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