Red Label MPs Come Together to Bring the Deceased Home and Win the Lottery: A Story of Doing Good

Red Label MPs Help Bring Deceased Home and Win 1st Prize

A Heartwarming Act of Kindness and Unexpected Luck

A remarkable incident unfolded on July 1, when a team of compassionate Red Label MPs went above and beyond to bring the body of a deceased individual back to their hometown. Little did they know that their noble act would soon be rewarded with a stroke of unexpected luck, as they emerged as the fortunate winners of the 1st prize in a recent lottery draw.

The winning number, 922605, brought forth a sense of serendipity for Mr. Champa Trakanchan, affectionately known as Khong, who played a vital role in the service team. Being related to the deceased, his involvement in providing care and support during this trying time was both selfless and heartfelt. Alongside him, former Ubon Ratchathani MP, Mr. Chuwit Pitakphonpanlop, representing the Thai Pheu Party, and Miss Sudarat Phithakphonpanlop, also known as Nong Kan, Ubon Ratchathani District 7 MP from the same political party, were fortuitously connected to the fortunate number 922605. Together, they secured the coveted 1st prize, each holding a ticket.

Speaking with utmost sincerity, Mr. Champa Trakanchan, a sixty-year-old individual, shared his experience of journeying to Bangkok to retrieve the deceased’s remains. Purportedly, it was the desperate plea of the grieving family that impelled the MPs to accompany them and transport the body to Ubon Ratchathani, where the deceased would be accorded a respectful funeral and revered with acts of merit. On the return trip, the team made a stop at a PTT gas station in Sawang Wirawong. Coincidentally, a vendor was selling two lottery tickets, and seizing the opportunity, they purchased them along with the grieving relatives. The unforeseen result entailed Mr. Champa Trakanchan triumphantly clinching the 1st prize, while one ticket was accepted by the deceased’s kin who assisted in the retrieval process.

Congratulatory messages poured in from esteemed personalities such as Chuvit and Ms. Sudarat Phitakpornphanlop, who delightedly joined in extolling the remarkable achievement of Uncle Khong. They emphasized that amidst the challenging times prevailing of late, it was uplifting to witness such positive news. Chuvit noted the consecutive streak of happiness, with his daughter recently representing the family’s jubilant moment, and now, Uncle Khong emerging victorious. He further expressed gratitude towards Uncle Khong for his unwavering support over the years, trusting that his benevolent actions, although unnoticed by many, had not gone unnoticed by the heavens. Such selfless acts of kindness, as the angels would affirm, ultimately yield their own rewards.

A team of Red Label MPs helped bring the body back home. Lucky to win 1st prize, all with a relation to the deceased. believe in doing good Today the angels have seen

On July 1, reporters reported that After the prize was announced for the draw on July 1, 2023, number 922605, Mr. Champa Trakanchan or Khong, aged 60, appeared to have helped the service team, in born, old, hurting, dying from Mr Chuwit. Pitakphonpanlop, former Ubon Ratchathani MP, Thai Pheu Party, and Miss Sudarat Phithakphonpanlop or Nong Kan, Ubon Ratchathani District 7 MP, Thai Pheu Party, won the 1st prize, number 922605, in the amount of 1 ticket.

Mr Champa Trakanchan, 60, revealed that he had traveled to Bangkok to pick up the body of the deceased. Relatives came to ask MPs to help, so they traveled to pick up the bodies with the relatives of the deceased to bring the bodies back to make merit in their homes in Ubon Ratchathani. On the way back, we stop at PTT gas station, Sawang Wirawong area. There was a seller who brought 2 lottery tickets to sell, so they bought each other with the deceased relatives. After the prize was announced, he learned that he had won the 1st prize in the amount of 1 ticket, and the other 1 ticket was received by the relatives of the deceased who came to pick up the body.

Chuvit and Ms. Sudarat Phitakpornphanlop Joined to congratulate Uncle Khong, the ready team said that there was only good news during this time. Last month, my daughter was a representative. Coming this month, Ai Khong, the innovation team, won the 1st prize. I have been working to help my parents and siblings for more than 30 years, and Ai Khong has always helped me behind the scenes. Since I was an MP, today no one may see the good deeds I did. but the angels saw this and said that doing good must be good.

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