‘Red sleeves’ Lee Se-young, Kang Hoon, and Lee Jun-ho ‘Flame nerve war’ over “I don’t know what you know”

Lee Se-young went out to find a way to help Lee Jun-ho.

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On the November 27th episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Red End of Sleeves’, Seong Deok-im (Lee Se-young) visited Hong Deok-ro (Kang Hoon) at the command of Lee San (Lee Jun-ho).

Deok-im handed Hong Deok-ro, who was entering the palace, “You left a fan,” and said, “I’m going to Dongdukhoe today.” Deok-im, who waited for the night to visit Dong-duk-hoe, said, “I bring you the message of the three generations.”

Lee San said, ‘If you want to break the golden rule, you have to have someone with power. I need someone who can give advice to His Majesty Joo Sang-sang,” he said through Deokim. The members of the Dongdukhoe exchanged opinions, but only came to the conclusion that “the problem is who will be recruited.”

On the way home with Deok-ro Hong, Deok-im said, “I was puzzled. “Why don’t you think of him?” he said. Deok-ro Hong laughed, saying, “I might not have expected someone who easily recalled the 9th grade.”

Hong Deok-ro said, “There was only one thing I didn’t expect. I didn’t know a woman would come to Dongdukhoe,” he said. Hong Deok-ro warned of virtue, saying, “It’s something men like us do not dare to think of, but Hang-ah is different from us, no, he is.”

The person that Deok-im remembered was Jung-jeon (Jang Hee-jin). Deok-im told Lee San, “Only a woman can do this. I’ll do it!” and said that he would approach Jungjeon.

Viewers watched the tension between Deok-im and Hong Deok-ro with interest. Reactions such as “I am so confident with virtue”, “I am unlucky because of virtue” and “Duk-im, don’t lose the ball to Deok-ro”.

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Red End of the Sleeve’ is a record of the royal romance between a court lady who wanted to protect the life she chose and a king who puts the country more than love. Based on the novel of the same name by Kang Mi-gang, who gained popularity, Lee Jun-ho (Lee San), who returned with a more mature charm after being discharged from the military, and Lee Se-yeong (Seong Deok-im), who is known as the undefeated goddess of historical dramas, are the protagonists of ‘The Court Romance of the Century’. We are looking forward to meeting you.

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Red End of the Sleeve’ is broadcast every Friday and Saturday at 10 PM.

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