Red Velvet and aspa have a special gathering! Show a cute Santa girl look.

Red velvet and aespa special gathering Show cute Santa girl look. intitle song ‘A lovely Christmas’ from the winter album SMTOWN

‘A lovely Christmas’ (Beautiful Christmas), a song that fans all over the world have been waiting for. and special cooperation between older people Younger children in the camp SM Entertainment (SM Entertainment) like Red velvet (red velvet) a aespa (Espa) This song is the title song and pre-release song of the winter album. ‘SMTOWN Winter 2022 : SMCU PALACE’ (Winter SM Town 2022: SMCU Palace) where the song and music video were first released at 4:00 pm Thai time on December 14, 2022 on the worldwide online music streaming platform The album is expected to be released in South Korea on December 26, 2022.

for new songs ‘A lovely Christmas’ (Beautiful Christmas) is a carol dance song with an emphasis on bass and piano with a fun swing rhythm. The words tell the excitement of welcoming Christmas and looking back on the year that has passed, conveying that today was the best time to be with someone important. which adds to the fun party atmosphere. music video side ‘A lovely Christmas’ (Merry Christmas) both Red velvet (red velvet) a aespa (Espa) has turned into a cute little Santa girl having fun at the party at ‘SMCU PALACE’. This song is expected to be the best Christmas song this winter. With the elegant image and warm colors of both bands

in the album 2022 SMTOWN Winter : SMCU PALACE’ (2022 Winter SM Town : SMCU Palace) It’s not just the title song ‘Beautiful Christmas’ that Red Velvet (Red Velvet) and aespa (espa) come together. But there are other songs that will feature various members of SM Entertainment artists. That has never been seen before, where fans are interested in a landslide

However, the project ‘SMTOWN : SMCU PALACE’ It is an extension of the previous project ‘SMTOWN 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS’. The concept of ‘SMCU PALACE’, a virtual space, is used in ‘KWANGYA’ (Kwangya) and is presented with various content such as the January 1st concert, album, Pub experience and exhibitions for fans around the world to experience the expanded SMCU (SM Culture Universe).

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