Reduction of rank, respectful words, absolute evaluation… Samsung Electronics overhauls its personnel system

Samsung Electronics Seocho Office [사진=연합뉴스]

Samsung Electronics announced an innovative plan for the ‘future-oriented personnel system’ centered on promotion, training, and evaluation systems to respond to the uncertain business environment.

On the 29th, Samsung Electronics said, “In the meantime, we have prepared a direction for innovation in the HR system through online large-scale discussion among employees and listening to opinions by class. We listened to the company and established a detailed operation plan.”

First, the company will implement a Samsung-style fast track that can nurture young executives at an early stage by breaking the seniority and hiring talented people regardless of age. The plan is to reduce the rank of executives by consolidating the ranks of ‘Vice President/Executive Director’ to ‘Vice President’, and lay the foundation for early production of young and competent managers by abolishing the ‘standard period of stay for each position’.

In order to preemptively respond to environmental changes such as aging and population cliffs, and to create a culture in which the value of accumulated technology and experience is respected, the company will also introduce a ‘senior track’ system that allows excellent manpower to continue working after retirement.

The position and employee number information displayed on the company intranet will be deleted, and the official promotion announcement held in March of each year will also be abolished. In addition, in order to spread a culture of mutual respect and consideration, ‘use of mutual respect’ is set as a principle for official internal communication.

Second, it provides various career development opportunities. Based on the Talent First Philosophy, the company intends to provide a platform where employees can fully develop their capabilities and grow together with the company.

To this end, Samsung Electronics introduced an ‘in-house FA (Free-Agent) system’ to give employees who have worked in the same department for more than 5 years the qualification to move to another department, providing opportunities to improve their capabilities. In addition, it aims to nurture the next generation of global leaders by introducing a new ‘STEP (Samsung Talent Exchange Program) system’, which selects excellent young talents and conducts mutual exchange work for a certain period of time at overseas subsidiaries.

In addition, the company has prepared a ‘parental leave reboarding program’ to prevent career interruption due to parental leave to support a soft landing when returning to work. A cafe/library-type in-house voluntary work zone will also be prepared to install a shared office and build a flexible and creative work environment in accordance with the generalization of telecommuting after COVID-19.

Finally, Samsung Electronics introduces a performance management system. The introduction of the system that can enhance the company’s competitiveness will lead to mutual cooperation and communication and create organizational synergy. The company is shifting from the existing ‘relative evaluation’ method to an ‘absolute evaluation’ where anyone can receive a higher evaluation depending on performance. The highest evaluation for recognition and motivation for high performers remains the same as before and operates within 10%.

In order to support the performance creation of department members and induce growth through work, ‘frequent feedback’ is also introduced, in which the head of the department discusses the progress of work at all times. In order to supplement the existing evaluation process conducted by one department head and encourage collaboration among employees, ‘Peer Review’ is also introduced on a trial basis, and the method of writing the contribution of collaboration in a narrative form without assigning a rating is applied.

Samsung Electronics is of the view that through innovation in the HR system, employees can more autonomously immerse themselves in their work, and a future-oriented organizational culture that grows together with the company will be built. A Samsung Electronics official said, “We plan to improve the personnel system by continuously collecting the opinions of our employees in order to strengthen our competitiveness to become a 100-year company.”

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