Reem Gallery celebrates UAE National Day with ‘Lamasat’ exhibition

Dubai ിക്കുന്നതി To celebrate the 50th National Day of the UAE, the Reem Gallery, an art center, has launched an annual exhibition called ‘Lamasat’ at the Raffles Hotel in The Palm. The event, which runs through December 2, is open to the public. Yasser Al Gargawi, Program-Partnership Director, Ministry of Tolerance and Chairman, National Theater Dubai;

Rafah Abdul Razzaq, owner of Reem Gallery, said: Artists from all over the world represent their culture with each brush stroke.

Asma Al Tajir (UAE), Aziza Bahri (Syria), Georgina Molet (Mexico), Karisma Rupani (India), Khlood Mohammed Al Sayeg (UAE), Labiba Farhat (Algeria), Lyal Chabani (Palestine), Leela Etemadi (Iran) , Mariam Ali Abdullah (UAE), Veronica Saleva (Russia), Rim Bachar (Syria), Smriti Sinha (India), Kaltam Belsale (UAE), Rafa Abdul Razzaq (Syria), and Jeevan Hovannisian (Armenia) are among the artists participating in the exhibition.

It also conveys the message of the UAE’s broadness and values ​​of tolerance. Rafa, a Syrian artist, said the exhibition was a great opportunity to improve her art. At the same time, they are inspired to experiment with contemporary technologies. Rafa works with Armenian artist and graphic designer Jivan Hovannici. They have participated in joint exhibitions in Armenia, Russia, Geneva, Lebanon, Canada, USA and UAE. The Reem Gallery is located in Barsha One.


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