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BRIDGEPORT – Carl Hatfield was not looking at Boston Marathon yesterday. The Boston Marathon, the world's oldest annual marathon and one of the world's most famous racing events, fell on the same day as a tax day this year. The race started at 10 o'clock, but Hatfield focused on making his taxes before the deadline. But the Bridgeport people didn't record the race and looked at it later in the evening.

“Well, he wants me to be young again and mix it with those runners,” said Hatfield.

“I've never grown, I never stopped running. I'm still a contestant although I am 71 years old. I go out yet and I move a little. I'm still going to certain road races, although it wasn't like it used to be.

Yesterday marked 35 years ago Hatfield participated in the Boston Marathon. There were many good memories to say that West Virginia had always been the second best place.

“1972 was the first year I ran in the Boston Marathon. I finished 12th, ”Hatfield pointed.

“Back then, the Boston Globe will tell the 15 men who go into the race. So when I ran through different towns during the race, I could see the audience 's Mountaineer; or 'West Virginia'; to see me. I remember running through Heartbreak Hill which is about 20 miles and viewers' One That Jerry West. how they suggested to me. ”

At the time, Jerry West was covering the hall of famous career in the NBA. But West was not the only former Champion who made noise as a professional athlete around that time. Hatfield, a three-year-old American in his time running for the current WVU cross-country program and men's track, could take place in the Boston Marathon and in many other high-quality races after the end. vocal career. In fact, Hatfield is one of two Americans who won the 10-year Cherry Blossom program in Washington D.C. more than once. The other is Bill Rodgers, who was ranked # 1 in the marathon worldwide.

Although there were many successful races there during Hatfield's career, there was one Boston Marathon race that was not held as planned. In 1979, Hatfield joined the Marathon Boston and is ranked right near the top as well as Rodgers and Toshihiko Seko from Japan. If Hatfield were to win the Boston Marathon, this was the year.

However, a four foot criterion made sure that Hatfield did not win that day.

“Both of them took off very quickly,” recalled Hatfield.

“I went with them. I went through 10 miles in 48 minutes and 30 seconds. I went through 15 miles around the pace of the world. I was maybe 100 yards behind them at 16 miles and ran a dog ahead of me. There were all kinds of pubs with guys talking and drinking beer outside and I think one of them had a dog without a go and ran out before me and barking at me. I tried to go around him, but I am in such rhythm. He broke my legs off me and I landed on my side and hurt my hip. ”

Two Hatfield audiences would help up the race before returning it to the race. Hatfield completed the race in 2 hours and 34 minutes, an average of 5:52 per mile, but could not say that he finished the race.

The Boston Marathon in 1979 was not the only race that a dog tried to find in Hatfield fashion. For any reason, Hatfield seemed to attract dogs during major races. Four years earlier at the 1975 Cherry Blossom thousand miles, a dog came from the crowd and ran after Hatfield down the final 300 meters (see the picture). Luckily, the Hatfield path was not owned by the dog at the time and Hatfield crossed the completed line in the first place in 48 minutes and 30 seconds.

However, after going up in Boston Marathon 1979, Hatfield did not return to where he was once.

“I have never been runner-up after that,” Hatfield said.

I kept problems with my pelvic area. ”

Hatfield never qualified for the Olympics, but went to the Olympic trials four times. During some of his key years, he helped to start the cross-country program at Alderson Broaddus attending a number of different school sites at most around 100 miles a week.

In 1996, Hatfield helps to start 10K Clarksburg which attracts runners around the world. Last year, Kenya is the top three finalists, a country with top-production marathon runners.

“In 1999, I think the 19 male finalists were from Africa,” said Hatfield.

“Our Clarksburg race on the road racing map. ESPN used a show called Running and Racing. Two cameramen would edit the footage down to seven or eight minutes of footage and our race would be one of the three races they show that week. ”

10K Clarksburg will be held again on 15 June. Hatfield lived in Clarksburg for 23 years before moving to Bridgeport 11 years ago, where he and his wife currently live.

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