Refreshing ultra-light gaming mouse, Glorious GLORIOUS FORGE MODEL O-Pink Edition: Dana and DPG challenge my heart

Pink is a man’s color.

Especially, if you’re a real man like me, you’re naturally drawn to the color pink.

However, at some point, my wife started targeting my pink product.

This time, I aim for my mouse, which I use well as a gaming gear.

That mouse is the Glorious MODEL O-Pink Edition.

It has a very pretty color for gaming gear and has a refreshing and cozy pink color, which makes it perfect as a desk terrier.

So, it seems that women also have their eyes on men’s pink color.


In fact, the GLORIOUS FORGE MODEL O-Pink Edition has a minus sign (-) on the end, making it more suitable for smaller hands than the usual Model O products.

That’s why I love this gaming mouse because my hands are smaller than mine.

In that sense, this time, I would like to talk about the GLORIOUS O-Pink MODEL, which although it is a man’s color, women will like it.


Glorious is a brand known for its mechanical keyboards. When talking about the so-called “Geuljok”, there is quite a bit of recognition among those who like custom keyboards to the extent that there are products that immediately come to mind.

However, there are many products with good performance not only keyboards but also light mice.

Among them, the Model O family has the advantage that it can be conveniently used by right-handed or left-handed people due to its symmetrical structure.

Also, it gives psychological stability to those who cannot stand the left-right symmetry.


The components are 1 Glorious FORGE MODEL O-Pink Edition original product, 1 Glorious sticker, and 1 warranty guide.


As mentioned earlier, the general color is pink, which symbolizes men.

That’s why it creates a very cute atmosphere, so it looks good with a white tone or a cute desk terrier.

In addition, the matte material housing prevents fingerprints and smudges, so you can use it neatly.


The shell part is made with a perforated honeycomb design.

Lightweight mice adopt a perforated design in this way to reduce the weight of the mouse tremendously. In the case of the perforated type, it is very useful for those with sweaty hands. Unlike products where the shell part is integrated, it is well ventilated, so you can feel a little more coolness in your hand while gaming.

Also, once you start learning how to use this lightweight perforated product, it may feel heavy again and may be difficult to use. It is so light that it can relieve the burden on the wrist when using it for a long time.


Glorious Glorious MODEL O-Pink Edition is a lightweight mouse weighing 58g on the spec sheet.

When I actually measured it, it came out as 63g, but it seems I entered the weight without including the entire cable.

However, it can be said that it is a very light product.


Being a wired product, it can be used faster and lighter than the wireless product with a built-in battery.

That is why it is also suitable for games that require frequent wrist swings, such as FPS games or RTS games.


Because it is a minus model, it is designed smaller than normal products.

Therefore, it is very suitable for women or students with small hands. My wife, who has smaller hands than mine, touched it and said it fit her hand like it was perfect for her.

The clicking sounds are decent.

It’s quiet for a gaming mouse, but it’s quite loud compared to a silent mouse.

So it’s not bad for gaming use, but it seems fine to use it for general office or home use.


Paracord cable is the cable that can withstand twisted wires.

In addition, the movement is free, so it is not very inconvenient or tiring to use a wire.

So, if you are a gamer who is worried about the latency of a wireless mouse, using a wired mouse using a paracord cable like this will create a comfortable environment for gaming.


On the left side of the top, there are two side buttons.

As the Model O is left-right symmetrical, it can be used by both left- and right-handed people, but if you are left-handed, note the position of the side buttons.


The back side is also perforated with a honeycomb design. Mouse feet are located on the four corners.

To be honest, I know I can’t fit many mouse feet because there are a lot of holes, but it’s a little disappointing that there are few mouse feet.

If you’re using this product for general all-in-one use, it won’t be too much, but if you’re using it for gaming, it is.


Therefore, the Model D-Wireless product provided an additional mouse foot separately, but it is unfortunate that the product does not have an additional mouse foot wires. It certainly appears to be a high-end model.

-Fortunately, it seems that mouse feet can also be bought.


The 3360 PIXART sensor is placed in the center of the underside.

It supports up to 1,000 Hz polling rate, 12,000 DPI movement distance, 250IPS motion detection speed, and 50G gravity acceleration. It has all the basic gaming mouse specifications.


Additionally, if you use dedicated software, you can map buttons as well as set RGB effects.


When I actually played the game, I was able to play the game with very good performance in FPS games like Battlegrounds and Apex Legends, as well as RTS games like StarCraft 2 and Age of Empires 4 . -The problem is my game skills.


This time, we looked into the Glorious Glorious O-Pink Edition MODEL.

It has a cute design with such a decent performance, so my wife seems to crave it.

Of course, pink is a man’s color, but it’s a good product to give your wife at least once.


In that sense, the Glorious Glorious MODEL O-, released as a pink edition, is highly recommended as a gift for women and students.

If you’re a woman and like games…that’s the icing on the cake.

Then, I hope you have a relaxing and lovely day today, and I’m all done…

Shall we know more?

This user guide was provided by Danawa contacts and experience group.

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