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Refusal to sign a statement of allegiance, 129 Hong Kong civil servants will be “retired.” (Midland)

2021/04/14 06:57

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]After the implementation of the “National Security Law” in Hong Kong, all civil servants are required to sign a “Declaration of Allegiance” or they will be dismissed. According to Hong Kong government statistics, as of April 1 this year, there were 129 civil servants. Ignore or explicitly refuse to sign, will be forced to retire.

According to the “Fa Guang” report, Hong Kong issued a general order on January 15 this year that all civil servants must sign a declaration of “supporting the Basic Law and loyal to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.” As of April 1, 129 civil servants ignored or explicitly refused to sign. There are 16 disciplined service personnel (including personnel from five major departments including police, fire protection, immigration, customs, and corrections).

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Among those who refused the visa, 25 people have resigned or left their posts, another one has been dismissed, and all other people who refused the visa will also be ordered to retire.

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