Refuting Ahn Hyun-soo’s pension claim Wrong… given in full

“It is known as if he had decided to naturalize after receiving his pension first … that is not true”

‘Emperor of short track’ Victor Ahn (38, Korean name Ahn Hyeon-soo) explained the process of receiving a lump sum payment from an Olympic medal pension, which came to light recently when applying for the job of coaching the Seongnam City ice team. Hall

Viktor Ahn said on his social media on the 7th, “I’m sorry that everyone was named as a noisy issue during a difficult time.”

Judging that it might cause a misunderstanding, I had no choice but to remain silent in order to speak after the announcement was made.”

Following this, Viktor Ahn revealed the process of naturalization in Russia in 2011, the process of receiving a lump sum pension payment, and the fact of giving the entire pension.

“I left for Russia in June 2011, and while talking to the president of the Russian Skating Federation about future training plans, I heard the story of Tatiana Volulolina, a dual Russian-Australian citizen,” he said. “

“However, I discovered that I did not come under a special case like that player, and after much consideration, I made the decision to naturalize in July,” he said. I gave the whole amount to my younger players,” he said.

Viktor Ahn said, “However, as the naturalization process became known in an article from Russia in August, it was misrepresented in Korea as if the pension was received in July and naturalization was decided in August.

Naturalization was announced in August, but everything was decided in July and went ahead in accordance with the procedure.”

In addition, he said, “I have lived only doing exercise for 30 years, and it is difficult for me to express my voice because of my personality.”

“After naturalization, I was careful about appearing in the media, and I thought it was right to focus only on the movement,” he said.

Victor Ahn’s position appears to contradict the statement made by the Korea Skating Coaches Federation when applying for a coaching position at Seongnam City Hall last month.

The Korean Ice Skating Leaders Federation said in a press release, “Viktor Ahn renounced his Korean nationality and naturalized as a Russian citizen, and when the controversy arose about betraying his country, he explained, ‘I knew he would dual citizenship is possible.’

However, it was later revealed that he received the pension immediately before his naturalization as a lump sum.

On the other hand, the Korea Skating Coaches Federation did not criticize other candidates with disciplinary records such as beating players, and the statement was said to have been issued in support of a particular candidate.

Chairman Jang Gwang-deok, who leads the federation, was known to have been active with a particular candidate in the Youth Skating Association.

During this process, players belonging to Seongnam City Hall, including Choi Min-jung, issued a statement saying, “Select a coach transparently,” and Seongnam City Hall did not hire anyone for the coaching position .

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