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Regardless of the overall conditions… Lee Hye-young ♥ Husband’s Words Before Marriage Tears Dolls Singles

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Photo = Captured from MBN’s ‘Dol Singles 2’ broadcast

MBN’s ‘Dol Singles 2’ created a total of three couples: Yoon Nam-ki and Da-eun, Lee Deok-yeon and Yu So-min, and Lee Chang-soo and Kim Eun-young.

Episode 6 of ‘Dol Singles 2’, aired on the 21st, recorded an average rating of 4.9% (based on Nielsen Korea Pay TV Household Part 2), breaking its own highest rating once again. The figure far surpassed the previous record of 4.5%, which was the previous record, and took first place in the same time slot for four weeks in a row. On this day’s broadcast, following the final selection results of Kim Gye-seong, Kim Eun-young, Kim Chae-yun, Yoo So-min, Yoon Nam-ki, Lee Da-eun, Lee Deok-yeon, and Lee Chang-soo, who ended their camp in ‘Dolsing Village’, the scene where they immediately entered ‘real life living’ is revealed. The ‘5G-class’ deployment provided a sense of immersion that you can’t take your eyes off of.

In the final selection, the single men boarded the cable car first and headed to the single women. Lee Chang-soo, who shed tears in the cable car due to the realistic situation of ‘single daddy’, laughed brightly when Kim Eun-young, who had no children, boarded without hesitation. I thought for a while, expecting the opposition of my parents due to the age difference of ten years and the problem of children, but in the end, Lee Chang-soo got off holding Kim Eun-young and brought out the cheers of the four MCs, “Fight for a couple!”

Yoon Nam-ki confessed to single mother Lee Da-eun, who rode in his cable car, “I wanted to meet you without any conditions. Thank you for making me go back to my old self.” MC Lee Hye-young burst into tears, saying, “This is what my current husband told me before we got married.” The two shyly got off the cable car while holding hands, creating a reaction that “it’s more like a drama than a drama”.

Following Kim Gye-seong’s cable car, which was sad because no one was on board, Yoo So-min and Kim Chae-yun finally got on Lee Deok-yeon’s cable car. Kim Chae-yoon, who had been at odds with Lee Deok-yeon and could not express her feelings, offered a sincere confession, saying, “I always said you were from the beginning.” Lee Deok-yeon showed a complicated expression, saying, “I didn’t know you were so comfortable with me. If you could express yourself a little more…” After contemplating, he took So-min Yoo’s hand and got off. Last but not least, Kim Chae-yoon, who had courage, left with regret, saying, “I think I didn’t express myself too much.”

After that, the three couples who became a couple started filming for ‘Re-Wedding’, the signature of ‘Doll Singles’, and immediately the scene of Yoon Nam-gi and Da-eun living together was revealed. Two weeks after filming the sweet ‘Re-Wedding’, the two reunited at the house where they lived together, and they were terribly surprised by the wedding photos in the house. In addition, the situation in which there is only one bed gave off a strange atmosphere. Da-eun Lee had ambitiously prepared kimchi stew for two days for her first meal with Nam-gi Yoon, but she brought laughter to Nam-gi Yoon and the four MCs with her clumsy cooking skills that her heart did not follow.

While returning from shopping at the mart, Nam-gi Yoon told Lee Da-eun, “I saw a video of a wedding in the past among photos tagged on SNS. It was cute because he threw the bouquet too hard.” In response, Da-eun Lee said, “It seems that the comments of my ex-wife still remain on SNS (Yoon Nam-gi’s).” After admitting the fact after ‘fact checking’, Yoon Nam-gi showed a cool move by deleting comments.

Lee Chang-soo and Kim Eun-young, even before living together, continued to grow in love and developed into a relationship where they called each other ‘myself’. However, Lee Chang-soo exuded an unexpectedly serious atmosphere on a romantic dinner date before entering the house of cohabitation. In the strange air, the two entered the house of living together, and Kim Eun-young showed off her unique couple chemistry in Lee Chang-soo’s trademark ‘fluorescent pink’ pajamas.

The two, who started their own drinking party, had an unexpected quarrel. Kim Eun-young, who lied to Lee Chang-soo, a conservative in ‘boyfriend’, was found out and met, causing conflict. Lee Chang-soo expressed his sadness, saying, “I know I’m sensitive, and I can’t even refuse to meet (with my boyfriend) since it’s the day before we live together.” Kim Eun-young said, “To be honest, I was very frustrated when they even asked me to send the contents of my cell phone conversation.” In the end, I summoned and compared the lifestyle of my ex-husband and ex-wife, and the atmosphere became uncontrollably cold. In an interview with the production team, Kim Eun-young said, “I want to run away.” On the morning of the second day of living together, the two went to work almost without a conversation and exploded the tension.

Episode 7 of ‘Dol Singles 2’ will be broadcast at 9:20 pm on the 28th.

By Kim Ji-won, staff reporter for Ten Asia [email protected]

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