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Regional conflicts at the Winter Youth Olympics… Will there be mediation?

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In January 2024, two years and six months later, the Winter Youth Olympic Games will be held in Gangwon-do.

After 2018, Gangwon-do is expected to attract the attention of the world again, but the conflict between Gangneung and Pyeongchang over the preparations for the Olympics is not serious.

This is a report by reporter Kang Gyu-yeop.


About 200 residents of the Daegwallyeong area gathered in front of the Pyeongchang Olympic Medal Plaza.

This is to oppose the plan to establish Gangneung, the main office of the organizing committee of the 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games to be held in Gangwon-do.

It is argued that the opening and closing ceremonies should be held in Pyeongchang, as well as the establishment of the main office of the organizing committee as it utilizes the legacy of the 2018 Olympic Games.

[박정우/평창군대관령면이장협의회장 : “주사무소와 모든 게 평창에 있어야 한다고 생각을 하는데, 그게 자꾸만 변질이 돼서 다른 데로 간다는 것 자체가 평창군민과 대관령면민을 무시한 처사라고 생각합니다.”]

Earlier, the organizing committee of the tournament announced its plan to relocate its current Seoul office to downtown Gangneung early next year.

In the case of the Youth Olympic Games, which lack a budget, it is said that efficiency was considered, such as the difficulty of constructing new buildings.

However, a variable arose as Pyeongchang-gun announced that it would attract the main office by constructing a new building near the opening ceremony hall in 2018 with its own budget.

The organizing committee decided to conduct an on-site inspection of the proposal proposed by Pyeongchang-gun to review the possibility of relocation.

In the case of the opening and closing ceremony, it was decided not to discuss it right now, as it requires consultation with the IOC.

Gangneung City is expecting a reasonable conclusion for a successful event, but it is not easy to make concessions.

[최형호/강릉시 미래성장단장 : “주사무소는 IOC나 조직위원회에서 가장 합리적으로 결정해야 하고, 강릉시와 평창군은 경쟁이 아닌 화합의 마음으로….”]

Unless either side of Gangneung-si and Pyeongchang-gun makes concessions, resolving regional conflicts is not expected to be easy, and Gangwon-do’s concerns are deepening.

This is Kyu-yeop Kang from KBS News.

Cinematographer: Kim Jung-yong

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