Regional infections in Europe continue… WHO warns of further spread

It is increasingly probable that omicron mutations are already widespread in Europe. The WHO warns of the risk of further spread and stresses the need to speed up vaccination, especially among the most vulnerable.

Kwak Sang-eun is a reporter.


In Portugal, 13 players and employees of Belenenses, a professional soccer team, were infected with Omicron.

Only one player has recently been to South Africa, raising concerns about the widespread spread of the mutant virus in the region.

In Italy, after the family of the first confirmed patient of Omicron was additionally confirmed, it was confirmed that the man had a daily life for two weeks after arriving from Africa until he was confirmed, raising concerns about community transmission.

In the UK, infected people with no travel history are added one after another, and the number of Omicron infections has risen to 11.

Officials explained that this “means Omicron is spreading in the area.”

In response to this, the UK Vaccination and Immunization Joint Committee recommended that the target of booster shot and booster vaccination be expanded to all adults, and the interval between vaccinations should also be shortened to 3 months.

[사지드 자비드/영국 보건장관 : 바이러스에 가장 취약한 이들부터 보호하기 위해 성인 대상 부스터샷 접종은 고령자부터 순차적으로 진행돼야 합니다.]

US President Joe Biden said cases of Omicron will also occur in the US, which he said is almost inevitable.

However, he repeatedly called for vaccination, saying that Omicron is cause for concern, but not enough to cause panic.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also said, “Omicron is highly likely to spread worldwide,” and urged countries to strengthen their surveillance systems and speed up the vaccination of COVID-19, focusing on the vulnerable.



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