Register for a state welfare card 2022. I can’t contact my spouse What should I do?

Follow the latest progress Register for the state welfare card 2022 register the poor card a new round after Ministry of Finance Registration is open and registration will be open until October 19, 2022. People canCheck status, register for state welfare card 2022 Available from 16 September, 65 via the website (click here) or welfare card (click here).

Most recently, on 5 October 2022, Mr. Anucha Burachaisri, Deputy General Secretary to the Prime Minister for Political Affairs. Acting as spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office The announcement of Cabinet Decisions (Cabinet) found that there are people who wish to register for the state welfare card registration program in 2022, but there are problems with registration. especially in casemarried but unable to accompany the spouse to sign the registration form in accordance with the plan State welfare card 2022 which has around 100,000 people in this network.

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The Cabinet has approved the guidelines for Register for the state welfare card 2022 who cannot follow the spouse as follows:

1. vulnerable group

  • Elderly people aged 60 and over (on 19 October 2022)
  • handicapped patients or bedridden patients unable to follow a spouse

You can also register to participate in the 2022 project by testifying that Unable to follow a spouse with the signature of witnesses certified by 2 people and must be certified by officials of the Ministry of the Interior in the area (Kumnan, village head, sheriff or the person assigned by the district head Employees of municipalities and municipalities in the area District office staff assigned by the district director Pattaya local registration office staff) to submit to the registration agency. The Ministry of Finance will check the qualifications of those groups according to their status.

2. general group

Registrants under the age of 60 must submit a registration form to join the 2022 Scheme in case they cannot accompany their spouse to progress. The registrant must certify in the document specified by the Ministry of Finance that the spouse cannot be traced together with the signature of 2 witnesses to submit to the registration agency. The Ministry of Finance will check the eligibility of those registered in the group as unmarried.

3. When the registrantpass the eligibility criteria The registered person will be able to exercise the rights under the project. State welfare card 2022 when verifying identity at BAAC and Government Savings Bank From the date of publication of the results of those who passed the qualification exam (within 180 days) and Krung Thai Bank (no expiry date)

However, if a divorce certificate is required for registration The registrant must bring a divorce certificate or any other documents required by the committee to be completed within one year of the date of publication of the qualification exam results.

However, this method In order to solve problems for people who wish to register for the project State welfare card 2022 but cannot go with a spouse to sign a registration form There may be many reasons, such as being abandoned, separating with married In the process of divorce, etc.

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