Registration Open for the Second Edition of Dubai’s Thrilling Mountain Bike Race

The Second Edition of the Mountain Bike Race Comes to Dubai

In an exciting development for mountain biking enthusiasts, the highly anticipated second edition of the mountain bike race is set to take place in the vibrant city of Dubai next month. Organized by the esteemed Dubai Sports Council in collaboration with Dubai Municipality, this thrilling event is a must-attend for adrenaline junkies and spectators alike.

A Destination for Thrill-Seekers

On October 15, cyclists from both near and far will converge at the renowned mountain bike track nestled within the serene and picturesque surroundings of Mushrif Park, in the enchanting Al Khawaneej district of Dubai. Participants will embark on a truly magnificent journey as they navigate through a lush forest boasting an awe-inspiring array of 70,000 magnificent trees.

Fierce Competition in Three Distinct Categories

To cater to riders of varying skill levels, the race has been strategically divided into three distinct categories. The Community category offers a gripping 18-kilometer course, perfect for those seeking an exciting yet manageable challenge. Meanwhile, more seasoned cyclists can immerse themselves in the Amateur category, which stretches across an exhilarating 37-kilometer route. For the true professionals out there, the prestigious Professional category boasts a demanding course spanning an impressive 56 kilometers.

Furthermore, to uphold the principles of equality and inclusivity, the competition ensures that both men and women have separate categories in which they can showcase their exceptional prowess and claim well-deserved victories.

A Resounding Success and Promising Future

Last year’s inaugural edition of this thrilling race witnessed a staggering participation of 350 riders, hailing from diverse age groups and nationalities. Notably, local talents Khalifa Al Kaabi and Marwa Al Haj emerged triumphant in the men’s and women’s amateur categories, respectively, cementing their names in the annals of mountain biking history.

If you’re a passionate mountain biker yearning for an unforgettable challenge, be sure to mark your calendars. Registration for this esteemed event is open until October 8, giving enthusiasts ample time to secure their spot amongst the elite. Moreover, the winners of this fiercely contested race will have the opportunity to seize valuable prizes, adding an extra layer of motivation and allure to an already enticing competition.

Make sure to join us next month for an exhilarating display of skill, determination, and high-octane adventure as Dubai steps up to host the second edition of the renowned mountain bike race. Get ready to be part of history in the making!

The second edition of the mountain bike race will be held in Dubai next month. The race will be held on October 15 at the mountain bike track in Mushrif Park, Al Khawaneej, Dubai. The race is organized by the Dubai Sports Council in collaboration with Dubai Municipality. The contestants have to pass through a forest of 70,000 trees.

The race is divided into three different categories, a Community category for a distance of 18 km, an Amateur category for a distance of 37 km and a Professional category for a distance of 56 km. The competition is separate for men and women. In the first edition held last year, 350 riders of different ages and nationalities took part. Locals Khalifa Al Kaabi and Marwa Al Haj won the men’s and women’s amateur titles. You can register until October 8. Valuable prizes await the winners.

The second edition of the mountain bike race will be held in Dubai next month

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