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Reinforcing the success of Squid Game, making more than 30 billion

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Reinforcing the success of Squid Game, making more than 30 billion

Date 18 Oct 2021 time 12:01

Netflix estimates that the Squid Game series has generated revenue for the company over 30 billion baht, with over 130 million viewers after its launch.

Bloomberg reports that the South Korean series Squid Game has gained worldwide popularity. It generated nearly $900 million in revenue for Netflix, a streaming company, or more than 30 billion baht after being released for a month.

This is more than 40 times the investment as the series costs $21.4 million in production. It attracted around 132 million viewers in just 23 days, breaking the record for British “Bridgerton” with 82 million viewers in its first 28 days.

Netflix estimates that 89% of Squid Game viewers start watching the series at least 75 minutes or more for the first time, and 66% of viewers, or approximately 87 million viewers, finish the series within 23 days.

In the first half of this year, Netflix revealed its slowest new subscriber increase since 2013 due to the platform’s lack of new series and movies. Interesting because of the spread of COVID-19 making it impossible to film This has resulted in Netflix’s stock dropping for most of the year.

But since the launch of Squid Game on Sept. 17, Netflix shares have jumped nearly 7 percent, bringing the company to $278.1 billion. Meanwhile, investors expect the company’s earnings to improve in the third or fourth quarter.

In addition, Squid Game is the first Korean series to reach number one on Netflix US and encourage viewers’ interest in learning Korean.

It also gained attention in China, where Netflix couldn’t be accessed without a VPN, with bakeries launching “Talgona”, or sugar candies that appeared in the Squid series. Game

The series also received positive reviews from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who said it was an impressive and inspiring series. Compete with Netflix

Photo by YOUNGKYU PARK / Netflix / AFP


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