Relatives, nursing assistants, anti-lieutenant, busting fraud and dowry dressing up Revealing that the male side attacked

relatives of nursing assistants Returning to a young soldier with the rank of corporal marriage trick Lost more than 100,000 baht to stay married according to tradition The male side is expected to hurt and is expected to be the reason the female side does not agree with him

On June 1, 2023, the case of a young soldier in the position of corporal was reported. Under one of the military camps in the province of Chonburi he posted his own story through Facebook called Sutha Fakniam, posting a message claiming that dated woman Agreed to marry, after only 7 days of marriage, then lost contact for period. When contacted, the woman said she was not happy. Finally, was I dumped? along with asking a lot of ideas People are saying this event should do something.”

Subsequent Lieutenant Sutha Fakniam revealed that Going to marry Ms. Sasiwimon Saturday, April 29, 2023, arranged at the woman’s house In Moo 10 area, Ban Nong Khai, Ban Bua Sub-District, Mueang District, Buriram Province, by identifying the woman by dating application After the wedding, in living together, the woman began to be quiet. So believes he was tricked into taking money for the dowry As previously reported (read the news: the bruised lieutenant claimed he was married for 7 days and was dumped by a woman, believing he was cheating and taking the dowry money)

However, the reporter traveled to inquire about female relatives in Ban Bua Sub-District, Mueang District, Buriram Province, meeting Mrs. Supak, 49 years old. but the man came to the house To the point of living together for more than 2 months, relatives asked what to do. he finally agreed to marry. Mother did not forbid him before the traditional wedding. The fact that the man says that the girl poured the wedding Or cheated her to marry is wrong because it was an honorable event Many of the villagers came to the wedding. There was music and celebration. It would have been better than many couples in the village. As far as I know, the man likes to hurt his daughter. This may be the reason why the girl is not interested. along with a girl who doesn’t speak

While Mrs. Ai, 51 years old, the woman’s aunt telling how to pour the marriage. complete audio equipment arrange accommodation for the well-travelled man After marriage, the child lives and eats normally. But the male side works in Chonburi province. The female part works in Bangkok.

Mr. Ai also said that the dowry was initially agreed to be 1.5 hundred thousand gold and 2 baht, but the groom asked to marry in the 12th month, but the wedding was postponed. therefore reduce the dowry to 100,000 baht, 1 baht of gold, 100 kilograms of pork, 2 crates of liquor, 2 crates of beer, 2 crates of orange juice according to the tradition of the people here. All other costs are covered by the bride.

admitted to being surprised after the wedding ceremony They asked for a dowry Then they said that there were many expenses and only 1 hundred thousand was almost not enough to spend. In the case of the male side, what will be reported? We are not afraid because we are doing everything right


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