Relatives of the 10.29 tragedy criticize the ruling party … “Lee Sang-min resigns and national support is to be held”

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The grieving families of the 10.29 disaster visited the National Assembly today and met with the leadership of Cyrm y Popl.

Throughout the meeting, the bereaved families continued to criticize the ruling party, and the bereaved families demanded the resignation of Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min and a parliamentary investigation.

However, the war of nerves between the opposition and opposition parties over the government inquiry continued today.

Reporter Yoo Chung-hwan will tell you.

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Members of the People’s Power leadership and the Public Administration Committee held a meeting with around 20 bereaved families from the 10.29 disaster.

It was held privately for approximately two hours, and throughout the meeting the screams and cries of the bereaved families could be heard from outside.

The grieving families who met with reporters expressed their anger, saying that no one was still in charge.

[10.29 참사 유가족]

“At least a cool apology and the person in charge should show something, even if it’s the person in charge…”

At the same time, he demanded the resignation of Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min.

[10.29 참사 유가족]

“Mr. Lee Sang-min has to take responsibility and step away from there in order to be able to properly recognize the truth, and my bereaved family cannot believe it. Because in the meantime, nothing…”

He also called for an investigation by the National Assembly.

[10.29 참사 유가족]

“There’s nothing wrong with doing an investigation by the government. Wouldn’t it be right to reveal the truth equally? Wouldn’t it be right to reveal it. Whether it’s a special edition or a government investigation, wouldn’t it” n right? What are you afraid of?”

Regarding this, Chung Jin-seok, chairman of the Brigade Committee, said that it was a place to listen to the desperate words of the grieving families, and he only said that he would convey the views of the grieving families to the government.

The war of nerves continued between the opposition and opposition parties over the government’s investigation.

The three opposition parties presented a plan for a government investigation with a deadline of two months from the 24th.

[오영환/더불어민주당 원내대변인]

“Is it the power of the people that the National Assembly will sit back and watch the results of the investigation? In the end, the answer to the investigation without the sanctuary that the people want is only an investigation by the government. ”

The ruling party, which held a general assembly of lawmakers, argued that it was difficult to investigate the state’s affairs before announcing the results of the investigation.

[주호영/국민의힘 원내대표]

“At the end of the normal National Assembly, a budget is drafted and various things are considered. If a government investigation is to be used, it will not help to discover the truth and will only lead to controversy political…”

However, after opposition floor representatives met under the chairmanship of National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo, People’s Power Ho-young Joo took a step back, saying the government’s investigation could be discussed after the bill budget be processed.

Considering the public opinion in favor of the parliamentary inquiry and the enforcement policy of the opposition party, it seems that the ruling party has left room for negotiations.

However, the three opposition parties repeatedly reveal the policy of dealing with the plenary on the 24th, so it is not clear whether a last minute agreement will be reached.

This is Yoo Chung-hwan from MBC News.

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