Release the weasel! Open the knot, kill, bury the soil, young man, 26 years old, father does not believe, act alone

Open the knot to kill, bury the soil, a 26-year-old man in the Buriram State area, urged the police to find more evidence on the victim’s father, not believing that he committed the crime on his own himself the police to speed up the investigation.

on December 5, 2022 from the case of Mr. Thitisak (surname withheld), 26 years old, killed and buried in a ditch in the middle of Mrs. Boonting (surname withheld), 58 years old, in the area of ​​Sap Phraya Sub-district, Nang Rong District, for 10 days, with the police sending the body for testing. There are traces of being shot twice in the head and chest, a broken neck, a body found on December 3. As already presented in the news read news : Catch and kill a young man in the ground! Witnesses pointed out that it was a dog-eating gang. Interrupted in the middle of the spirit circle

Open the knot to kill and bury the soil, a 26-year-old man in the Buriram State area, the police who are detained to find more evidence on the victim’s father do not believe that he committed the crime on his own head.

From the investigation, it is believed that the perpetrator was a person close to the deceased. Until a 12-year-old boy took him to identify where the gun that killed Mr. Thitisak. And aimed at Mr Kanwin (surname withheld), 37 years old, who is expected to shoot the dead. Although Mr Kanwin denied it from the first investigation. Due to the detailed investigation, Mr Khon Win was displeased with the deceased who released the weasel and squirrel that Mr Khon Win had caught in the middle of the field. Until Mr. Kwan earns his wrath through many villagers. to avenge the dead

After Mr Kanwin started confessing last night, the police took Mr Kanwin to look for evidence. A firearm caused the crime. and the point that Mr. Kanwin his own clothes to destroy evidence Having got all the stuff in the middle

Mr Bootham (Withhold his surname), aged 64, the deceased’s father, said that the day of the accident was expected to be the day when the village dogs would be dissected and eaten. After hearing the news that his son was killed. He immediately suspected this group of people. Especially Mr Kanwin Because earlier, Mr Kanwin had left his anger on his son through many villagers. by accusing his son of releasing a mongoose and caught the squirrel in the trap that Mr. Kwanwind. causing Mr Kanwin to be displeased

Mr. continued. Buntham, but he was confident that Mr. Win caused the incident alone. Because the process of moving the body to burial Which is more than 100 meters away from the scene of the accident and must also be buried in a ditch to hide the case Doing it alone, he believed it was impossible. wishes the police to speed up the investigation to find out the facts to appear soon as well

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