Home Tech Released the world’s first Android game machine “GPD XP” that can change the controller attached to the main body according to the game –Press release of Tenku Co., Ltd.

Released the world’s first Android game machine “GPD XP” that can change the controller attached to the main body according to the game –Press release of Tenku Co., Ltd.

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The world’s first controller to be attached to the main body according to the game

Released the changeable Android game machine “GPD XP”
-Starting handling at GPD Direct and High Beam Akihabara Main Store from today-

Tenku Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takuro Yamada) will release the Android-equipped 6.8-inch game machine “GPD XP” from Shenzhen GPD Technology at GPD Direct and High Beam Akihabara Main Store from today.
This product is the world’s first game machine (Note) that allows you to change the controller part attached to the right side of the main unit according to the game. By installing the most suitable controller for the game, you can realize a more comfortable game life.

■ Sales site
GPD Direct: https://gpd-direct.jp/pages/gpd-xp

■ GPD Direct
An online shop operated by Tenku Co., Ltd., in addition to GPD Technology’s “GPD WIN” and “GPD Pocket” and accessories, we also handle repair parts that are often requested by Japanese users.

■ GPD XP (Android-equipped game console)
Regular price: 42,600 yen (tax included)
Shipment start time: November 25
Color: Iron Black

■ Main features of GPD XP

1. 1. Play Xbox, PS and PC games anywhere

You can play Xbox, PS4 / PS5, PC games, etc. anywhere using the network. You can play with high image quality of up to 1080P / 60fps, and you can enjoy the game while relaxing anywhere, such as on the go or lying on the sofa at home.

2. Three controllers can be freely attached according to the game, realizing a comfortable game environment
GPD XP can change the controller part on the right side to the following three modular parts.

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① FPS joystick module
It is a controller suitable for FPS with a total of 7 function keys, 5 on the front, 1 on the side, and 1 on the back. You can operate the joystick with your left hand to accurately determine the position of the character, hook the containment button for firing with the index finger of your left hand, and accurately control the shooting direction with the touch panel of your right thumb. It is also possible to fire with the index finger of the right hand and hook the return button with the middle finger of the right hand to increase the magnification of the scope.

② MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Handle Module
In order to avoid attacks and attack enemies, you can control the position of the character by linking the left joystick with the movement keys on the screen. In addition, the touch panel operation with the right thumb avoids the limit of joystick operation and realizes flexibility and versatility.
This module has no function keys and is made of non-slip TPU material that is resistant to oil, water and resistance. It does not have a handle function, and it is designed to close the handle slot of the right hand and increase the friction between the fingers of the right hand and the machine.

③ Xbox standard game controller module
Since it has the same key arrangement as the standard Xbox controller, it is suitable for playing PC games such as “Haragami”, “Xbox Game Pass”, and “PS Remote Play”, which are often optimized for Xbox controllers.

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3. 3.Because it is SIM-free compatible with LTE in a compact and lightweight housing, you can play games stably even on the go
With a compact and lightweight housing of 6.8 inches and 300g, it can be carried like a smartphone and has an LTE compatible SIM card slot. This enables high-speed mobile communication with LTE, and allows you to play games in a stable communication environment even when you are away from home.

In addition, for users who dislike incoming calls during the game, we have removed the phone function built into Android to create an environment where you can concentrate more on the game.

In addition, it supports 2.4G / 5G dual band Wi-Fi and the IEEE 802.11 ac standard that achieves communication speeds of up to 1.73Gbps. In the Wi-Fi environment, it also has convenient functions such as turning off the mobile network to save communication traffic.


(Note) As of November 25, 2021. According to our research.

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