‘Releasing in December’ Great games to warm up at the end of the year are coming

A new game to warm up at the end of the year is coming⋯ The most anticipated game is ‘Arkeland’

Krafton confirms its position as a global gaming company through ‘Callisto Protocol’

PC and console games have become the ‘new normal’, what will be released in December?

The new game ‘Arkeland’ was unveiled at the Zehrung G-Star 2022 Game booth held in Busan. (Photo = Asia Times Reporter Lee Young-jae)

[아시아타임즈=이영재 기자] Games that will grace the end of 2022 are pouring in.

Starting with Krafton’s ambitious work ‘Callisto Protocol’, which will be unveiled on December 2nd, ‘Archeland’, a new Zhrung game on December 7th, and ‘Aka’, a new healing adventure game from Neowiz, will be released’ n official worldwide on December. 15th.

Arguably the most anticipated works, Archeland and Callisto Protocol were showcased at the BTC G-Star 2022 booth held in Busan on the 17th to the 20th, and the plan is to continue the hot field heat in to ticket office. hit at the start of the launch.

The reunion of the Langrisser production team ⋯ The anticipated work ‘Arkeland’ is coming

It’s a work that gamers who like Langrisser mobile games have been waiting for. Before the official release on December 7th, the new game ‘Arkeland’ is getting a lot of attention, with the number of pre-registrations exceeding 600,000.

In the new games market in December, Zurung’s game ‘Arkeland’ and Krafton’s ambitious work ‘The Callisto Protocol’ compete for supremacy. Both games were showcased at ‘G-Star 2022’, the biggest game show in Korea held at BEXCO in Busan from the 17th to the 20th.

First of all, Archeland is the ultimate king of SRPG (Simulation Role Playing Game), and anticipation has been high even before its release. Archeland, created by the production team of ‘Langrisser Mobile’, a constant SRPG seller with a large number of maniacs, competes with a new IP based on high quality illustrations.

Unlike existing SRPG game actions which are generally static, Archeland presents dynamic actions based on spectacular graphics and effects. Gamers who visited G-Star’s Zehrung Game booth and showed Archeland in person expressed their anticipation by saying, “I will definitely play it if it is officially released” and “This is the best among current mobile SRPGs.”

Another expected element of Archeland is the game OST. Archeland released the ‘Pray’ music video featuring ‘Queen of Music’ Heize. Heize, who started collaborating with Archeland, said, “Thanks to imagining a brave figure (the main character) Abia going through the difficult road, I was able to melt emotions better in the direction of the song.”

Archeland will be released simultaneously in mobile (Android, IOS) and PC versions on December 7th.


Krafton’s grand scale G-Star 2022 booth. (Photo = Asia Times Reporter Lee Young-jae)

Krafton confirms its position as a global gaming company through ‘Callisto Protocol’

Krafton’s ambitious work ‘Callisto Protocol’ will be officially released on December 2nd. Callisto Protocol, rated not for teenagers, is a survival horror game with ‘extreme horror jobs’. For this reason, horror maniacs are highly anticipated, but in Japan, the release was canceled as it was not age rated at all due to brutal directing.

Regarding the cancellation of the Japanese release, Krafton explained, “Because it is a horror game made for adult users, it contains scenes to cause fear and suspense.” ‘I will not modify the game to receive consideration because it is,’ he said. .

Whether through Krafton’s Ubocheonri, at the site of G-Star 2022 held in Busan, there was a long line to test Callisto Protocol. Krafton, which quickly became the year-end anticipated film, plans to continue the heat of the G-Star field experience to box office success after the official release.

A Krafton official said, “Callisto Protocol will be a game that cements Krafton’s position as a global gaming company.” I will be enthusiastic about the process.”

Callisto Protocol is a survival horror game developed by Krafton’s independent studio, Striking Distance Studios. Set in the year 2320, Jacob Lee, a prisoner in the Black Iron Prison located on Jupiter’s moon Callisto, depicts a desperate struggle to survive from a biophage infection. It will be released on December 2nd on PC , PS5 , PS4 , and Xbox , and can be purchased in the Steam and Epic Games stores.


At G-Star 2022, Krafton’s booth was packed with players who wanted to try Krafton’s new game, ‘The Callisto Protocol’.

Riding the ‘new normal’ PC console game craze ⋯ Lots of games to be released in December

Gearing up for the start of the winter holidays in December, Firaxis Games presents the tactical RPG game ‘Marvel Midnight Sons’. Marvel Midnight Sons introduces the first customizable Hero Hunter in the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Midnight Sons will be first released on December 2nd for PS5, Xbox Series X version | S, and Windows PC. The release date of the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch version will be announced at a later date.

A samurai, a high school girl summoned to Honnoji during the Warring States period, runs with ninja girls through the underworld of Honnoji, where the dead of hell overflow. This is the story of the PC and console game ‘Samurai Maiden’ to be released on December 1st. Samurai Maiden, an action game that slashes enemies with samurai swordsmanship and obliterates enemies with ninja ninjutsu, will be released on PS5 and PS4, and the PC version will be released on Steam on December 8.

Racing games are also waiting for gamers to meet. Criterion Games’ Need for Speed: Unbound will be released on Windows PC, PS5, and XSX on December 2nd. In Need for Speed ​​​​​​​​Unbound, you can customize not only vehicles, but also various parts such as drivers and driving effects.

Vehicle performance can also be tuned to your liking. It is possible to create the best racing car by upgrading the performance by replacing various vehicle parts such as the fuel and exhaust system, as well as the suspension, brakes, clutch, and transmission.

There is also a game that develops a ‘resource fight’ with artificial intelligence. ‘Hello Neighbor 2’ is a game where you infiltrate as an investigative reporter to solve the case of a missing child in the village and discover your neighbor’s secret. The village neighbors, who are artificial intelligence, learn the behavior patterns of users who visit as reporters and hide clues related to the child’s disappearance. Users who want to compete with ‘brains’ rather than physicality can play happily.

In addition, ‘Fire Fighting Simulator’, a fire simulation game where the fire station is sent to a fire scene to put out the fire, ‘The Rumble Fish’, a fighting game featuring smooth 2D image expression, and before -soldiers handling the fire. island through gathering and production A healing adventure game ‘Aka’ is set to be released in December.

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