Reliance Foundation: Reliance Foundation with 10 programs to help Odisha train accident

The train accident that shook the country took place on June 2 in Odisha. 275 people died and more than 1000 were injured in the accident. Reliance Foundation has offered a helping hand to accident victims. Nita Ambani, founder and chairperson of Reliance Foundation said, “We deeply sympathize with the family members of those who died in the accident. They said they have sent their special disaster management team there to save the accident.

Reliance Foundation’s disaster management team is providing round-the-clock assistance to the injured. “We cannot take away the pain caused by the tragedy, but we are fully committed to helping the bereaved families rebuild their lives and prepare for the future,” said Nita Ambani. He said that 10 programs are being announced to provide assistance to those affected by this unfortunate incident. P

1. Emergency ambulances will get free fuel through Jio-BP network.

2. Reliance stores will provide free ration items including grain flour, sugar, pulses, rice, salt and cooking oil to the disaster affected families for the next six months.

3. Medicines necessary for immediate recovery will be provided free of charge to the injured. Medical assistance will be provided to those who have been admitted to hospital after an accident.

4. Counseling services will be provided to those who have lost loved ones in this accident. Steps are taken to encourage them.

5. Jio and Reliance Retail will provide necessary employment opportunities to the family members of the deceased

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6. Aids including wheelchairs and artificial limbs will be provided to the disabled.

7. Necessary skills training will be provided to open up new employment opportunities.

8. For women who have lost the sole breadwinner of the family

Microfinance and training opportunities will be provided.

9. Livestock such as cow, buffalo, goat and chicken will be provided to disaster affected rural families for alternative livelihood.

10. Bereaved family members will be given free mobile connectivity for one year to rebuild their livelihood.

Since the accident, Reliance Foundation’s specialist disaster management team in Balasore has been working in collaboration with the Emergency Department, the Cooperative, Balasore and the National Disaster Response Force. Reliance Foundation volunteers were also involved in the rescue operation, helping to shift the injured to emergency vehicles and making masks, gloves, ORS, bed sheets, lights and other rescue items readily available at the accident site.

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Reliance Foundation identified young volunteers from the area and took the necessary steps to quickly prepare food for around 1,200 people. Food was given to the rescue workers who arrived at the accident site and the family members of the accident victims. It was also ensured that there was enough drinking water available.

For more than a decade, the Reliance Foundation Disaster Management Team has been working as rescuers in natural disasters. Reliance Foundation works with communities to train youth in disaster response. Earlier, Reliance Foundation’s disaster management team was involved in volunteering during floods, cyclones, earthquakes, droughts and the Covid-19 pandemic. Reliance Foundation has undertaken massive activities including providing assistance to over 21 million people in 48 catastrophic events.

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