Religion and football are two; Everything will be checked and action will be taken – Minister Abdur Rahman

Malapuram: Sports Minister V says religion and football are two. Abdurrahman. Liking athletes is part of emotion. It is not religious. Religion and faith are different, said the minister in Malappuram.

There are health issues for people’s physical fitness. The ball game is the best thing for that. The government is trying to bring more people into this sector. Abdurrahman added that giving football training to five lakh children is part of it.

People who know about the subject don’t talk like that. Especially Samasta is not allowed to talk like that. Any officer in Samasta could have said that. They may correct it. Not all leaderships comment on such matters. Not said yet. There is no need to blame Samasta in this regard. Samasta will verify the identity of the officers involved. They will act on it themselves. The minister said that he does not feel that politicians need to interfere in it.

Last day, Samasta had issued a circular saying that football enthusiasm goes beyond limits and star worship is not Islamic. Jam Iyatul Qutuba State Secretary Nasser Faizi instructed all Kerala Jam Iyatul Qutuba khatibs to mention him in their sermons after Friday prayers in mosques. This was the discussion. Later, more Islamic religious leaders came against the football enthusiasm.

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