Remembering Kwon Se: 9 Years After the Tragic Car Accident that Took Her Life

Nine years have passed since the tragic death of Kwon Se, a member of the popular group Ladies’ Code. On September 3, 2014, while on their way to Seoul, the members of Ladies’ Code were involved in a car accident near Singal Junction on the Yeongdong Expressway. The rainy conditions caused the vehicle to slip, resulting in the rear wheel coming off and the car rolling several times before colliding with an obstacle.

Sadly, member Ko Eun-bi passed away on the day of the accident, and Kwon Se-se, who had been unconscious, succumbed to his injuries four days later on September 7th at 10:10 am. Despite undergoing a grueling nine-hour operation, Kwon Se-se never regained consciousness.

At the time of the accident, Kwon Se-se was only 23 years old, making his sudden death even more heartbreaking. The news sent shockwaves through the music industry and deeply saddened the public.

Ko Kwon Se, a fourth-generation Korean in Japan, first gained recognition in 2010 through MBC’s ‘The Great Birth’, where she connected with Korean fans. Her title of Miss Korea Japan Jin 2009 further added to her charm, and she was adored for her cute appearance, graceful figure, and beautiful voice.

However, this promising young talent’s life was tragically cut short at the age of 23 in the car accident. It has been nine years since her untimely passing, but many continue to offer condolences in remembrance of her.

While Ladies’ Code was gaining popularity with songs like ‘Pretty Pretty’ and ‘So Wonderful’, the group faced a devastating blow with the major accident and the loss of two members.

Despite the tragedy, the remaining members of Ladies’ Code persevered and continued to pursue their passion for music. Reorganizing as a three-member group consisting of Ashley, Sojung, and Zuni, they dedicated their performances to the memory of their departed members.

To honor the passing of Eunbi and Rise, fellow singers sang ‘I’m Fine Thank You’, a memorial song, and released ‘I’ll Smile Even If It Hurts’ on September 7th, which deeply resonated with the three members’ emotions. They expressed their determination to give their best for Eunbi and Rise and acknowledged that the love and support from their fans helped them through the difficult days following the accident.

As their contracts with Polaris Entertainment expired in 2020, Ashley, Sojung, and Zuni have embarked on solo endeavors while continuing to cherish the memories of their time together in Ladies’ Code.

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[OSEN=강서정 기자] It has already been 9 years since Kwon Se, a member of the group Ladies’ Code, died.

On September 3, 2014, Ladies’ Code members were in a car accident near Singal Junction on the Yeongdong Expressway while on their way to Seoul at around 1:23 am. The vehicle they were riding on was running on the road, the rear wheel came off, it slipped in the rain, and after rolling several times, it fell into an obstacle.

In this accident, member Ko Eun-bi died on the 3rd, and Kwon Se-se, who was unconscious, died at 10:10am on September 7th, four days later. He underwent a major operation that lasted more than 9 hours and struggled until the end, but he did not regain consciousness.

At the time, Ko Kwon-se was 23 years old. The sad news about Kwon Ri Se, who became a star on the air at such a young age, shocked and saddened the music industry, and the public as well.

Ko Kwon Se is a 4th generation Korean in Japan who met Korean fans through MBC’s ‘The Great Birth’ in 2010. The story of being Miss Korea Japan Jin 2009 became even more attractive, and she was loved’ n big for her cute appearance, her graceful figure, and her clear and beautiful voice.

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However, in an unfortunate car accident the beautiful flower that had not fully bloomed at the age of 23 went to the sky. Nine years have passed since then, but many people still offer condolences in memory of the deceased.

Ladies’ Code was gaining popularity by raising awareness with ‘Pretty Pretty’ and ‘So Wonderful’, but two members had a major accident and left for heaven.

After that, the rest of the members of the Ladies’ Code didn’t stop singing. Rearranged into a 3-member group, with leader Ashley in the middle, Sojung and Zuni performed activities on behalf of the deceased members.

On 3 September 2014, in line with Eunbi’s death, fellow singers sang ‘I’m Fine Thank You’, a memorial song, and on 7 September, Rise’s death, ‘I’ll Smile Even If It Hurts’, which content of the hearts of the three members, released, even revealed. The members showed their determination to “do their best even for Eunbi and Rise,” and admitted that they were able to overcome difficult days due to a car accident thanks to the fans’ love.

Ashley, Sojeong, and Zuni are promoting solo activities after their contracts with their agency Polaris Entertainment expire in 2020. /

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