“‘Remembering the Itaewon Disaster” Huh Ji-woong “The world is losing citizenship without an organizer” – The Herald Economics

[허지웅 인스타그램]

[헤럴드경제=박승원 기자] Writer and broadcaster Heo Ji-woong paid tribute to the victims of the Itaewon disaster.

On the 1st, via Instagram, Heo Ji-woong said, “I have been sitting since dawn to write an article that opens the radio, writing and deleting again and again. I thought that,” he said bitterly.

He continued, “In the middle of a world where citizens lose their qualifications if there is no accommodation. In the middle of a feast of sayings that you have done enough and have no responsibility. In fact, it feels like all useful words have disappeared from my mouth and fingertips,” he said.

Previously, the Itaewon disaster that occurred on the 29th of last month resulted in 155 casualties and 152 injuries (as announced by the Central Security and Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters at 6 am on the 1st). Among those injured, 30 were identified as seriously injured.