Removal of ‘personal taxi subtitle’ for the first time in 50 years

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The government has come up with measures to solve the late night taxi problem.

In order to increase the supply of taxis, we decided to relax the regulations and raise prices.

Reporter Park Jin-jun reports.

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As early as this month, it appears that the ‘taxi subsystem’, which has forced the closure of private taxis, will be lifted.

It is 50 years since its introduction in 1973.

This is a measure to expand the supply of taxis which are scarce at night.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has recommended that the Seoul Metropolitan Government lift the taxi system from this month in Seoul, where the taxi crisis is currently most serious.

Currently, medium-sized private taxis in Seoul are operated in a so-called three-part system, with a day off after two days of operation.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport also decided to implement the Taxi Policy Discussion Committee to review the related system so that the operation of the sub-system can be implemented more flexibly.

Late night taxi call rates will also increase sequentially from mid-October.

It was decided to raise the upper limit of the call rate, which is currently less than 3,000 won, to 5,000 won.

However, instead of raising the call fee, we decided to change the system so that the driver cannot see the destination in advance for platform taxis.

This is to prevent the driver from picking up and picking up guests.

In addition, we intend to limit refusal to drive by using a forced dispatch method.

In addition, part-time contracts are allowed for taxi drivers and we intend to support platform transport businesses such as Tadana and Uber to revive.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport also plans to expand the supply of public transport, such as reducing the time between late night owl bus dispatches.

This is Park Jin-joon from MBC News.

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