Removed 1/10/65 cut another 90 million! Rich Lottery Plus customers alone, 72 million

This is the installment that has won the most prizes since the Lottery Plus Department reached, 1 October 65, another cut of 90 million, finding a single person who is full of 72 million.

After the Government Lottery Office The draw is announced on October 1, 65, with the first prize being 484669, the prize for the last 2 digits being 50, the prize for the leading 3 numbers being 206 and 996, the prize for the Last 3 digits are 278 and 194.

Most recently, Knot Phanthawat Nakvisut, owner of Lottery Plus Jobs Department. Show the 1st prize lottery, number 484669, 15 cards, a total of 90 million baht, with 3 lucky winners in this draw, which is the draw with the largest number of winners since the Plus Lottery Department did

  • The first person to win the 1st prize of 12 tickets, worth 72 million baht, is Mr Pairot, a native of Nakhon Ratchasima.
  • The 2nd person won the 1st prize of 2 tickets for 12 million.
  • The 3rd person is Mr. Monchai, a native of Phichit province, won the 1st prize, totaling 6 million baht.