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Photo Haruka Fukuhara/Yu Saiga (C) Maijitsu

Ren Meguro from Johnny’s group “Snow Man” who has appeared in the “quiet” social phenomenon drama (Fuji TV series) which is currently being broadcast and which is captivating the women of the world.

From mid-November, the morning drama “Maiagare! (NHK), but this role was very unpopular, and criticism has arisen on the Internet.

Meguro plays Hiroaki Kashiwagi, a classmate of the heroine Mai (Haruka Fukuhara) who went to flight school.

He is an elite who grew up in an aviation family with an international pilot father and a former flight attendant mother. A hard worker who aims for perfection, he has a lot of pride and shows no weaknesses, but as he continues to train in the same team as Mai, he gradually changes.

Kashiwagi has a rather unpleasant personality, like acting on May suddenly when they first meet. He has devoted himself to the role of an easily understood hero.

Perhaps after this she will gradually open up to dance and gradually become more rounded. And eventually it might develop into love.

“Basically, I’m still a morahara bastard.”

However, many viewers point out that the original personality is too bad.on the web

“I feel bad if I see a character like Kashiwagi who is annoying and annoying in the morning.》
“If Kashiwagi says mean lines without ill will, then even if he goes mad in the future, he is likely to say something that will hurt him even after marriage. Reiwa is not the character setting as a love partner.》
“Kashiwagi seems to be harassed, and it will be disgusting even if she gets angry in the future.”
“It’s not a story you see in the morning, Kashiwagi’s role is too bad.”
《Kashiwagi was a nasty guy than I thought.
《Even if only Kashiwagi is pushed in the drama, the viewers will say, “What?”》
《Even if the harassing bastard shows kindness afterwards, the fundamentals of the harassing bastard will not change.》

Voices say.

“A character who makes a bad impression at first and later reforms and becomes a good guy is very common in dramas, but I haven’t received much of it lately. Last year’s romantic drama ‘She was beautiful’ (Fuji TV) series) , “Sexy Zone” Kento Nakajima played exactly such a character. In the end, he was attached to the heroine, but the initial image was too bad, and despite the happy ending, “The viewers were confused, saying that their true nature is rubbish and that they seemed to disturb them.” (entertainment reporter)

What you did in the past will continue to be said for the rest of your life… The drama seems to be the same as the real world.

[Rwyf am ei ddarllen gyda’n gilydd]

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