Home Business Ren Zhengfei called on Huawei to focus on Hongmeng and other software businesses; Yu Minhong said young people should not lie flat; UU ran errands and issued an article accusing SF Express of “helping in line” plagiarism | Lei Feng Morning Post | Lei Feng.com

Ren Zhengfei called on Huawei to focus on Hongmeng and other software businesses; Yu Minhong said young people should not lie flat; UU ran errands and issued an article accusing SF Express of “helping in line” plagiarism | Lei Feng Morning Post | Lei Feng.com

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Domestic News

Ren Zhengfei calls on Huawei to focus on Hongmeng and other software businesses

An internal memo shows that Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei called on company employees to “dare to lead the world in the software field,” which has “greater independence and autonomy”, and the company is seeking growth beyond the hardware business.

The memo stated that due to external restrictions, it is difficult for Huawei to produce advanced hardware in the short term. It should focus on building a software ecosystem, such as the Hongmeng operating system, the all-scenario AI computing framework Mindspore and other IT products. The memo also suggested that the software team hire professional psychologists to improve the mental maturity of young employees. (Associated Finance Press)

Since Huawei’s departure, it is revealed that Honor has not yet been authorized by Google Android: sales expectations will be lowered

The digital blogger @手机片达人 revealed today that although Honor has been independent, it has not yet obtained Google’s Android authorization, and overseas markets will be affected, so it intends to lower its sales this year.

Zhao Ming previously stated that Honor’s new annual flagship series Magic series will have a hardware design and experience that surpasses Huawei’s Mate and P series. It will have iconic appearance design, advanced imaging capabilities and algorithms, extreme system design capabilities, and strict Manufacturing process and quality assurance, etc.

Glory chairman Wan Biao also stated that Glory is preparing to launch flagship models in the middle of the year and sound the horn of high-end brands. His goal is not only to lead Glory back to the lost market, but to become the world’s top three smartphone brands. (IT House)

Lu Weibing: The price of offline service online, this is the new retail

On May 30th, in response to netizens’ remarks that “it feels that buying Xiaomi products at Xiaomi’s home is much faster than online”, Lu Weibing, a partner of Xiaomi Group, president of the China region and international department, and general manager of the Redmi brand, said that Xiaomi has achieved online The integration and connection of online and offline, providing corresponding services according to user needs, and transforming traditional offline retail with the efficiency of the Internet.

At the same time, Lu Weibing also summarized the new retail in one sentence: “The price of the offline service online, this is the new retail.” (IT House)

Yu Minhong said that young people cannot lie flat: to arouse the spirit of struggle, they cannot be Buddhism

At the 4th National Young Entrepreneurs Summit, New Oriental Chairman Yu Minhong talked about the “problem of young people lying flat”. He said that Dong Mingzhu talked to him that their generation of entrepreneurs wants to arouse the spirit of young people’s struggle and cannot encourage them Playing games, borrowing money to consume, but creating wealth for China.

Yu Minhong said, now that young people are lying flat, if they are Tai Buddha, who will be responsible for the future of the country? (Sina Technology)

OPPO employees resigned due to improper remarks made by Hongmeng, claiming that they did not distinguish the blogger’s job identity

On May 28, OPPO employees resigned due to Hongmeng’s inappropriate remarks.

@芝士芒胖发微博: I have no basis, just relying on some so-called online articles and provocations to deny the value of Hongmeng, which not only hurts Huawei, but also affects the company. Impulsively expressing remarks, failing to clearly distinguish the identity of the blogger from the role of the job, making the outside world think that I represent the company’s position, in fact I am just an ordinary employee. Today, I officially ended my work at OPPO and I said sorry to everyone.

It is understood that after Huawei announced that the mobile phone Hongmeng system would be released a few days ago, the aforementioned former OPPO public relations staff made inappropriate comments about Hongmeng on platforms such as WeChat groups, discrediting Hongmeng and sparking heated discussions among netizens. (China News Network)

UU ran errands and issued a document accusing SF Express of plagiarizing SF Express by “helping in the queue” and not responding

According to the official blog of UU errands, recently, UU errands released “Several Suggestions for the Development of SF Express Delivery Products and Design Teams” to promote SF Express, saying that SF Express’s new online “help queue” function, its name The introduction copywriting, icon design, arrangement and layout are almost exactly the same as the “queuing up” function of UU Running Errands launched in 2016.

In this regard, SF Express City Public Relations stated that it would not respond.

Get a discount ticket for the full price?Ctrip: Individual suppliers have used loopholes to issue tickets in violation of regulations and have been interviewed for punishment

On the evening of May 30th, in response to netizens’ feedback about paying the full price to buy discounted air tickets, Ctrip Air Tickets issued a statement stating that individual suppliers used the ticket inspection interface to issue tickets in violation of regulations and seek illegitimate benefits. The negotiation and punishment will be conducted.

Recently, a netizen @雷希颖 said on Weibo that he is a VIP user of Xiamen Airlines. According to the rules, he only needs to buy a full-price economy class ticket to enjoy the upgrade service when there is a free seat. However, I spent the full price on Ctrip and issued a group ticket for only 250 yuan, which affected my journey accumulation and was unable to enjoy normal upgrade services.

In this regard, Ctrip Air Tickets issued a statement stating that it has recently discovered that individual suppliers have used the price verification loopholes in the ticket verification interface to issue tickets in violation of regulations to obtain illegitimate benefits. The suppliers involved have been interviewed and punished. (Sina Technology)

international News

UTG also delivers takeaways, revealing that Samsung Display will supply folding screens to other manufacturers from the second half of the year

Korean media Etnews cited industry sources as saying that Samsung Display plans to sell foldable organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels using UTG to other smartphone manufacturers besides Samsung Electronics to strengthen its foldable display business.

According to sources, Samsung Display has only sold ultra-thin flexible glass (UTG) for folding screens to Samsung Electronics before, and will now provide it to other smart phone companies. Therefore, the cooperation between Samsung Display and its subsidiary and UTG manufacturer Douinsys will attract much attention. (IT House)

Prohibition of private purchase of equipment: US FCC considers expanding the ban on Huawei and ZTE

According to Mobile World Live, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed a proposal to prohibit the use of Huawei and ZTE equipment in US mobile networks, even if these equipment are purchased with private funds, which may expand the current public funds involved. Ban.

It called for comment on a proposal to expand the scope of legislation passed in 2019 to cover private purchases of equipment from these two vendors and other companies called “untrusted” by U.S. legislators. (C114 China Communication Network)

The first batch of goods is insufficient, and it is revealed that Nvidia’s new RTX 3060 will give priority to online platforms

According to reports, Nvidia has discontinued the production of the GeForce RTX 3060 with the old GA106-300 GPU chip and replaced it with the new GA106-302 GPU, discontinuing the production of the old graphics card to further restrict mining.

It is reported that Nvidia launched the RTX 3060 graphics card earlier this year. Later, because Nvidia accidentally released an unlocked core driver, all previous efforts to restrict mining have been in vain, but it has now replaced the new core. (IT House)

SK Hynix’s acquisition of Intel’s NAND flash memory business has been approved by the Korea Fair Trade Commission

According to foreign media reports, after obtaining approval from the United States and the European Union, SK Hynix’s $9 billion acquisition of Intel’s NAND flash memory business has also been approved by South Korean regulators.

According to the report, the Korean Fair Trade Commission approved the acquisition sooner because they believed that the antitrust concerns of the transaction were not high. According to data from the Korean Fair Trade Commission, after the acquisition of Intel’s NAND flash memory business, SK Hynix’s share in the NAND flash memory market will increase from 13% to 27%, doubling its share, but it will not become the largest manufacturer. There are already manufacturers. The share in this field exceeds 30%. (TechWeb)

Jonathan Ivey participated in the design of the 24-inch iMac

According to foreign media reports, although Apple’s former chief design officer Jony Ive (Jony Ive) left the company in 2019, he helped design the new 24-inch iMac.

In 2019, Jonathan Ivey left Apple to set up his own independent design company. During his tenure at Apple, the designer oversaw the development and design of revolutionary products, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook and iMac.

The report pointed out that Apple confirmed to the media that Ivey was indeed involved in the development of the new iMac, but did not confirm a specific time point.

Taiwan media: AMD has booked 5nm and 3nm production capacity with TSMC for the next two years

Taiwan’s “Business Times” reported on May 31 that AMD and the foundry TSMC will join hands in the second half of the year to accelerate the development and mass production of advanced processes for processors with chiplets architecture.

It is understood that AMD has booked 5nm and 3nm production capacity with TSMC for the next two years. It is expected to launch 5nm Zen4 architecture processors in 2022, and 3nm Zen5 architecture processors will be launched between 2023-2024, which will then become TSMC 5nm processors. And the largest customer of 3nm high-performance computing (HPC).

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