Renewed protests condemning the death of “Diop” and merchants closing their shops in Nouakchott

Today, Tuesday, a number of merchants closed their shops located in the Maghreb Mosque market and the combined clinic in the capital, Nouakchott, against the backdrop of renewed protest demonstrations against the death of the young man, Omar Diop, after his arrest by the police on Sunday night / Monday.

One of the merchants said, in contact with “Sahara Media”, They had to close their shops after dozens of protesters set tires on fire and blocked the main roads in the market.

He added that merchants were quick to close shops with the escalation of “chaos” in the Maghrib Mosque market, which witnessed the peak of the protests at midday.

Meanwhile, another eyewitness confirmed to Sahara Media that violent confrontations broke out between riot police units and demonstrators inside the Mina district markets.

He added that the protesters blocked some main roads with metal beams, stones, And car tires, in order to prevent the police from advancing and dispersing them.

He pointed out that the police were able to open the roads after using tear gas canisters to disperse the demonstrators.


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