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Rep. 加 urinating during a videoconference… The topic of naked exposure power

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A Canadian member of the House of Representatives has been videotaped urinating while undergoing a medical procedure on burns.

Reuters reported that the ruling Liberal Party member William Amos has decided to suspend his official work for the time being after the footage of him urinating during a video conference was released.

Rep. Amos, who participated in the video proceedings for the Canadian House of Representatives, was talking on the phone from her desk when she suddenly started urinating in her coffee cup.

The image was captured on video camera and passed on to the attendees.

“During a private videoconference with the House of Representatives, I urinated and forgot there was a camera,” Amos wrote on Twitter, saying he was very ashamed of his actions and the plight it must have caused those who witnessed it.

Last month, Amos suffered an embarrassment when his naked body was leaked as a screen shot during a video conference call.

At that time, Amos explained that after going jogging, the camera was turned on and changing clothes.

The Conservative Party, the opposition party in Canada, said it was unacceptable for Amos’ behavior and pointed out that it was questionable whether it was really an accident.

Amos has announced that he will suspend his duties as the vice-president of political affairs and committees for the time being.

(Photo = Canadian Parliament, Yonhap News)


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