repeat!! Koh Si Chang has not logged down yet. Just extending the time to stop tourism intercept COVID


Page Chonburi Public Relations Office Confirm Koh Sichang Extend the time, no in-out, no time limit Reiterate, do not lock down People in the area can travel in – out.

20 Jan ’64 Facebook page, Public Relations Office, Chonburi Province Published Order of the Communicable Disease Committee of Chonburi Province 5/2521 dated 20 January 2021, amending the text of Article 3 in accordance with the order of the Communicable Diseases Committee of Chonburi Province No. 2/2564 l. 6 Jan 2021 to

“Do not travel to-come to travel in the Koh Si Chang district from January 20, 2021 onwards until the situation is resolved. By allowing the Chonburi Province Regional Harbor Establish measures for all types of boat operators. And the Koh Si Chang sheriff to set measures for screening persons traveling to and from Koh Si Chang district To comply and accommodate with this measure “

Later, the online world interprets the meaning of no travel to Ko Si Chang as a lockdown order to prevent COVID-19. Until the question arises whether people can travel in and out or not

Latest page of the Chonburi Province Public Relations Office Came out a post saying Today I see many pages. Many news agencies Took the order of the Communicable Diseases Committee of Chonburi Province 5/2564 to expand that “Chonburi Lockdown Koh Si Chang” and there was a question that What happened on Koh Si Chang? And many more questions

The story is that Koh Sichang will have a team with whom he works on COVID-19. The name of the communicable disease control operation center in Koh Si Chang District, abbreviated name is Prof. O.O.C. (which has every district), he resolved to propose the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee. Chonburi to extend the period Do not travel – come to travel in the area of ​​Koh Si Chang, leaving since 20 Jan ’64, which originally emphasized !!!!! Had previously been issued in order Infectious Diseases of the Province No. 2/2564, with the period ending on 19 Jan ’64, and at the end of the period, only an additional period of time was requested.

The brothers and sisters of Koh Si Chang people Merchant Company employees Government officials working in Koh Si Chang District Can still travel normally

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