Repeated accidents, 8 injured, including police, rescuers, nurses, patients, ambulances collapsed.

redundant accident Car hits electric pole Before the van transported the sick to the back of the police car who came to check the accident, 8 people were seriously injured, including the police, rescuers, nurses, patients and their relatives. The ambulance was demolished.

(14 Jan. 21) The radio center received an incident report, Muang Police Station, was informed that there was an accident. Car crashes into electric pole injured The incident occurred on Tail Luang No. 21, Saraburi-Lom Sak Line, at Village No. 12, Ban Tok Subdistrict, Mueang District, Phetchabun Province.

Then coordinate with the rescue volunteers, Rompho Phetchabun. Convenience The car was found at the scene The red Honda sedan, which was in an accident, hit an electric pole. The front of the car was damaged. As for the driver, one person was injured. therefore prepare to help the injured to send to Phetchabun Hospital

At the scene there was a Toyota pickup truck. which is a police car Muang Phetchabun Which is parked to direct traffic on the road while helping the injured, but suddenly the hospital van hit the border that takes patients to Phetchabun Hospital driving at speed Instead, it crashed into the back of the pick-up truck of the Muang Phetchabun police station. The impact caused the pickup truck to crash into a police officer and one rescue volunteer who was standing to facilitate until he was injured.

The accident also left people living in Chondan Hospital’s vans. including the driver, nurse, nursing assistant, patient and relative, total 5 people were injured.

Recently, all 8 injured, the medical team is still closely watching. because some of the symptoms are quite serious The cause of the accident It is not yet known exactly what happened. which must wait for the police Make sure to check again.



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