, Replace Boise HQ building

, Replace Boise HQ building

The Idaho Department of Health The Idaho Department of Administration published.

S. Walnut in East Boise. T The extensive document to the spec. The state would be sublease back the land and building. At the end of a 20 to 27-year term, the State of Idaho t

Brake Field, also known as Braves Field. The ballpark hosted by the 1930s-1960s. The Nature Center.

Proposed site plan. Courtesy Idaho Dept. of Administration

The RFP and 63,211 square foot three-story building with room for 186 employees. It can be provided. The request t

235 parking spaces – an increase from the roughly 195 spaces today on the site. A proposal site with parking in front. The building t

During construction, employees would move off-site. The RFP requires access to the public.

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