Reply to Taiwan! United States supports Taipei military China warns of wrongly watching Russian lessons in Ukraine

senior US Army officials pledged military support to Taiwan and warned China to learn lessons from Russia’s attack on Ukraine The comments followed an interview with Taipei President Tsai Ing-wen, who said she would not hesitate to seek help from the West . the same as kiev If a conflict erupts

Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States such a comment During an event in New York on Wednesday (Nov. 9), “The United States is committed to passing the Taiwan Relations Law. And President Biden has said on several recent agendas that the United States will continue to support Taiwan. “

“We will give them military support. We will try to help train them and provide them with weapons of war,” said Gen. Mark Milley.

Beijing expressed great anger. Times the media reported last year that a US Special Operations Forces unit and Navy soldiers have begun a covert operation in Taiwan. Help train Taipei soldiers.

Tensions in the Taiwan Strait Rise Even More After Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives traveled to Taiwan in early August. Encourage the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to Retaliate with live fire maneuvers around the island of Taiwan. The biggest ever

Lt. Col. Milley It is unclear whether China plans to launch an invasion in the near future. But he urged Beijing to learn from Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

“Lessons for China coming out of Ukraine Well, a war on paper and a real war are two different things. and what they saw was a massive strategic Miscalculation,” he said. taking a step back and coming back to assess the situation.”

“I think it’s very difficult. It’s really terrible. And I think they will start to realize that. And it’s possible that he reassessed the situation and recalculated what they’re going to do,” said Gen. Milley.

The Taiwan Relations Act of 1979 states that the United States guarantees this autonomous island in terms of resources. for self defense and defended Beijing’s unilateral status change, however, the United States did not need it. Provide military protection to this island.

during the general meeting of the Communist Party in October President Xi Jinping said that Beijing would do everything to achieve the goal of peaceful reunification with Taiwan. but reserves the right to use force to resolve the problem if necessary

Xi also told the Communist Party General Assembly. For the People’s Liberation Army of China to achieve its goal of becoming a world class army that can win wars. at a regional level

Major General Milley looked into this matter. China aims to achieve military hegemony in the next 50 years and regional dominance by 2027.

Recently, high-ranking officials of the United States Many have called for the American Navy. Raise your readiness to deal with the possibility of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army attacking Taiwan as early as this year.

But General Milley said that while Xi would like to see the Chinese People’s Liberation Army ready for war in 2027, telling soldiers to prepare for their actual decision to fight is two different things.

“We have no problem with competition, no problem,” he continued, “but if China wants a conflict, Then it would be a bad choice for China,” Milley said, adding that Russia had made a huge strategic miscalculation. with the invasion of Ukraine and have to pay for this huge mistake for many years to come.

He said Russia had failed strategically and operationally. and loss of huge military potential due to underestimation of Ukrainian citizens He stressed that America will continue to support Ukraine. and called on Russia to come to the negotiating table.

(Source: South China Morning Post)

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